‘We should age grace­fully – I’m proud of my wrin­kles!’

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I re­cently read a sur­vey that said an in­creas­ing num­ber of men are turn­ing to cos­metic pro­ce­dures to change their looks – with nose jobs, Bo­tox and hair trans­plants on the rise [Re­al­ity star Jeremy Mccon­nell shared a pic­ture of him­self af­ter a hair and beard trans­plant pro­ce­dure last week]. It’s a tough time to be a man in today’s so­ci­ety – there’s more pres­sure than ever to look good. I think so­cial me­dia has made that worse by pre­sent­ing images of what we’re sup­posed to look like, and that’s made peo­ple ob­sessed with their ap­pear­ance.

I don’t like to judge any­one – we all have our own strug­gles – so if some­one wants to have their nose made smaller, or thinks that hav­ing a full head of hair is go­ing to make them hap­pier, then I en­cour­age it. But more im­por­tantly, we must let peo­ple know that they’re loved and ac­cepted as they are. There needs to be less of a fo­cus on our ap­pear­ance.

Per­son­ally, I can’t ever see my­self get­ting any­thing done. Have you seen my face? It’s like a bag of span­ners! I’ve earnt ev­ery crease and wrin­kle, and I’m lit­er­ally cov­ered in scars, but they all come from life ex­pe­ri­ences and tell a story. I’m proud of them. We should en­cour­age each other to em­brace our looks and to age grace­fully.

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