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ewly ap­pointed Silver Fox of N the Street Robert is in de­nial about the lump in his tes­ti­cle, but fate has a funny way of lend­ing a hand when it comes to these things, and the wheels are put in mo­tion when Robert gal­lantly rushes to young Joseph’s res­cue when the lit­tle boy runs into the road. Robert is hit by a car, and in the hos­pi­tal Michelle gets his prob­lems down be­low checked out. The poor bloke is ter­ri­fied when docs break the news that the lump is most likely ma­lig­nant and he’ll need an op – sharpish. To take his mind off things, Robert and his new grey mop head off to the casino – with Johnny in tow – and Johnny is hor­ri­fied when Robert blows ev­ery last penny. Else­where, Sally’s worst night­mare comes true when, right in the mid­dle of her may­oral in­au­gu­ra­tion party, the bailiffs come knock­ing. Gina sits there cring­ing in the corner while the heav­ies ran­sack Sal’s place for £5k worth of goods, and Sally is hor­ri­fied to dis­cover the debt is in Gina’s name. There’s also a brilliant Cin­derella-mo­ment when Gemma gate­crashes a posh house party and gets chat­ted up, only to do a run­ner when the cops show up – leav­ing her sparkly footwear be­hind. Well, it is nearly Christ­mas…

That’s got to hurt

Gemma’s found her Prince Charm­ing Get ready for a nasty bomb­shell

Sal is not happy

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