Trans Model: “I’ve spent £750k to be­come Bar­bie – but I want more”

Nikki Ex­otika has been un­der the knife more than 30 times in her bid to be­come just like her plas­tic idol, but her quest for per­fec­tion isn’t over yet

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With her per­ox­ide hair ex­ten­sions, W candy-pink lips and per­fect­lypro­por­tioned 24-inch waist, Nikki Ex­otika be­lieves she’s ev­ery bit the per­fect woman.

But it’s taken Bar­bie-ob­sessed Nikki – who was born a boy called Ja­son Tor­res – two decades and a whop­ping £750,000 to trans­form into her idol.

The 35 year old has had over 30 cos­metic pro­ce­dures, in­clud­ing gen­der re­as­sign­ment surgery, cheek im­plants, a bum lift and six nose jobs. De­spite sev­eral botched pro­ce­dures on her nose and breasts – which have since been fixed – Nikki says she’s very happy with her surgeryen­hanced looks, and re­veals she’s now even con­sid­er­ing hav­ing a rib re­moval pro­ce­dure.

The model and singer says, “I’ve done ev­ery pro­ce­dure you could pos­si­bly do. Now I’ll just keep tight­en­ing it to make sure I al­ways look my best.”


Nikki, who was born in New Jer­sey, USA, and grew up with her mum Myrna, a hair stylist, al­ways knew she was dif­fer­ent.

At the age of four, Nikki – whose dad was not around – be­came ob­sessed with Bar­bie.

She says, “I stole one of my cousin’s Bar­bie dolls be­cause I wasn’t al­lowed one of my own. I loved her hour­glass fig­ure and pretty face – I wanted to be just like her. I’d try on my mum’s make-up and clothes, but when she caught me she told me off. I felt ashamed and con­fused.”

At school, Nikki’s ef­fem­i­nate man­ner­isms made her an easy tar­get for bul­lies.

She re­calls, “I was pushed into lock­ers, punched and spat on. I felt worth­less and hated my manly body. Look­ing at my pe­nis made me feel de­pressed.”

Strug­gling to cope with her feel­ings, Nikki be­gan to lash out at her mum and their re­la­tion­ship broke down. When she was 17 she de­cided to move in with friends.

She says, “I started go­ing to gay bars where I met trans­gen­der peo­ple for the first time and re­alised that I’d been born in the wrong body. I was re­lieved to know I wasn’t alone.”


When she turned 18, Nikki plucked up the courage to tell her fam­ily that she wanted to tran­si­tion.

She also be­gan tak­ing il­le­gal hor­mones given to her by other trans friends to de­velop breasts, stop her body hair from grow­ing, and widen her hips.

She says, “My mum didn’t un­der­stand why I wanted to change, but I couldn’t live as a man any longer. I got hair ex­ten­sions and started wear­ing tiny hot-pants and crop tops. I wanted to look like a to­tally dif­fer­ent per­son.”

While work­ing as a club dancer and singer, Nikki was able to fund her first cos­metic pro­ce­dure – a nose job, fol­lowed by two boob jobs tak­ing her to a B cup, and an Adam’s ap­ple re­duc­tion to­talling £15,000.

Then, in 1997, she spent an­other £15,000 on gen­der re­as­sign­ment surgery in Mon­treal, Canada, which was funded by her rich boyfriend. The op­er­a­tion took seven hours and trans­formed Nikki’s pe­nis

into a vag­ina, af­ter which she needed round-the-clock care for two weeks.

She says, “I went to have surgery by my­self and it was scary. I didn’t know what to ex­pect, but when I woke up af­ter the op­er­a­tion and felt my vag­ina for the first time, it was a fan­tas­tic feel­ing.

“Amaz­ingly, my mum said I looked beau­ti­ful and that I’d blos­somed into a beau­ti­ful but­ter­fly – it meant the world to me.”

Af­ter her tran­si­tion, Nikki be­came fix­ated on look­ing like her idol, Bar­bie. Thanks to her suc­cess­ful ca­reer as a per­former, she was able to af­ford cos­metic pro­ce­dures ev­ery six months, in­clud­ing ve­neers, lip en­hance­ment, chin re­vi­sions and a tem­po­ral lift to change the shape of her eyes.

She says, “It was my dream that one day peo­ple would stare at me. My mum thought I’d taken my surgery too far be­cause I was al­ready beau­ti­ful, and be­cause of the risks in­volved, too. But the more op­er­a­tions I had, the hap­pier and more con­tent I be­came.”

Over the next 15 years, Nikki had mul­ti­ple surg­eries, in­clud­ing a bum lift, chin re­con­struc­tions, cheek im­plants, calf im­plants and fat re­moval to com­plete her Bar­bie look.

Sadly, Nikki’s surgery spree in­volved botched pro­ce­dures on her nose and breasts, and the re­vi­sions cost over £45,000.

She says, “I went to a sur­geon in New York and he messed up my breasts and my nose – I looked aw­ful. Sur­geons are very quick to take your money some­times, and op­er­a­tions can be very hit and miss.”

To date, she’s spent more than £114,000 on Bo­tox in­jec­tions, fillers, fa­cials and peels, and a fur­ther £118,000 on make-up, false lashes, hair ex­ten­sions and tan­ning.

Nikki also owns five col­lec­tors’ edi­tion Bar­bie dolls worth £190 each, and her wardrobe is full of pink clothes as well as of­fi­cial Bar­bie neck­laces and hand­bags to­talling more than £5,000. She also plans to in­vest in a pink £57,000 BMW to com­plete her plas­tic im­age.

She says, “My body has had gal­lons of sil­i­cone and I’ve spent a lot, but it’s paid off.


“Ev­ery­where I go peo­ple look at me. They al­ways want to take pic­tures with me. I never got any at­ten­tion be­fore my tran­si­tion, and now I’m ad­dicted to it. I feel like I’ve achieved as close as I can to per­fec­tion, but I’d love to have a cou­ple of ribs re­moved, as it’s tough main­tain­ing my 24-inch waist in the gym.”

Nikki, who ex­per­i­mented with gay men in her teens but now dates straight men, is look­ing for Mr Right.

She says, “I’ve dated a num­ber of men who were multi-mil­lion­aires – in­clud­ing Saudi princes, Hol­ly­wood ac­tors and ath­letes, but now I’m look­ing for real love.” Al­though she would like to find a plas­tic-surgery fan to be the “Ken” to her “Bar­bie”, Nikki is also will­ing to fund cos­metic pro­ce­dures for her fu­ture part­ner so they can match her plas­tic im­age.

She says, “I’m look­ing for a tall, su­per-hot, straight, mus­cu­lar man. De­spite be­ing un­lucky in love so far, I’m still op­ti­mistic on the re­la­tion­ship front. Hope­fully one day I’ll find my Ken.”


Be­ing born male was tor­ture

She was bul­lied at school

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