Cara De La Hoyde: “Preg­nancy has lifted my de­pres­sion”

The for­mer Love Is­land win­ner talks ex­clu­sively to Closer about rais­ing her baby boy with ex Nathan Massey and work­ing on her men­tal health

Closer (UK) - - Inside This Issue... - By Neeru Sharma

As she gen­tly cra­dles A her blos­som­ing bump dur­ing our photo shoot, it’s clear from her beam­ing smile that Cara De La Hoyde can’t wait to be a mum. The re­al­ity TV star is eight months preg­nant and ex­pect­ing a baby boy with ex-boyfriend Nathan Massey and, while the preg­nancy came as a “shock”, she couldn’t be hap­pier.

Cara, 28, tells Closer, “I’ve not had a night’s sleep since find­ing out I was preg­nant! My mind is rac­ing about what life will be like when the baby’s here, but now I just want to meet him and have a cud­dle.”

But while she’s planning her new life, Cara is the first to ad­mit the preg­nancy wasn’t planned. Af­ter win­ning Love Is­land in 2016 with Nathan, 26, the pair split in March, but weeks later Cara – thanks to an ap­point­ment to re­move ab­nor­mal cells from her cervix – dis­cov­ered she was preg­nant. Al­though their re­la­tion­ship had ended, the pair con­firmed they’d raise their son as “best friends.”

Cara ex­plains, “Nathan and I would row so much. We’d come out of a crazy re­al­ity bub­ble and, at the time, I was suf­fer­ing with de­pres­sion and, in his de­fence, Nathan had no ex­pe­ri­ence of be­ing around some­one with a men­tal health prob­lem. But things are so good be­tween us now be­cause we get on much bet­ter. He’s in­volved with ev­ery part of the preg­nancy, he’s put all the shelves up in the nurs­ery and is con­stantly check­ing I’m OK. He’s gone into dad-mode and has been on a self-im­posed drink­ing-ban this month, as he’s wor­ried he’ll get a call to meet me at the hos­pi­tal any minute!”


Rais­ing eye­brows, the pair en­joyed a cosy spa break last week, beg­ging the ques­tion whether they will even­tu­ally re­unite. Cara says, “There are no plans to get back to­gether right now, but he’ll stay over for a few nights a week when the baby ar­rives. We’d both be gut­ted if one of us started dat­ing some­one new – I al­ways think of him as ‘my Nathan’, but we’re happy as we are, as we get on bril­liantly.”

And al­though Nathan will be by her side, Cara ad­mits she isn’t fazed by be­ing a sin­gle par­ent and praises new mums Amy Childs and Ferne Mccann for be­ing “strong and in­de­pen­dent” women.

She says, “Of course, I wish things were dif­fer­ent – I grew up watch­ing Dis­ney films and thought I’d be mar­ried with kids, but nowa­days it’s not un­com­mon to come from a bro­ken fam­ily and there’s no stigma in be­ing a sin­gle mum. I look at girls like Amy and Ferne, and they’re fine by them­selves.”

But while she’s en­joyed fame since Love Is­land, life hasn’t al­ways been so rosy for Cara. In Septem­ber, she gained praise for open­ing up about her de­pres­sion on Lor­raine, which be­gan as a teenager. She can­didly ex­plains, “I’ve strug­gled with de­pres­sion for years and I’ve been on med­i­ca­tion since I was 18. Life is hard some­times and I’m not em­bar­rassed to ad­mit it. I used to be a dancer work­ing at Cirque Le Soir and I was al­ways in com­pet­i­tive en­vi­ron­ments with other girls. It be­came a part of my ev­ery­day life to com­pare my­self to other women. As I got older, I re­alised it’s not the end of the world if some­one is pret­tier than me, but it was tough. Even in Love Is­land I’d feel in­se­cure as I was sur­rounded by beau­ti­ful girls in biki­nis. I know some of the girls strug­gled with the same thing this year, and it’s nor­mal.”


And Cara ad­mits she does fear post­na­tal de­pres­sion. She re­veals, “Since I’ve been preg­nant, I haven’t had any break­downs and Nathan says I’m a dif­fer­ent per­son. Hav­ing a baby feels like the miss­ing part of the puz­zle and, for the first time in ages, I’m much more pos­i­tive. Of course, I worry about post­na­tal de­pres­sion as my hor­mones will be all over the place. It’s al­ways in the back of my head. If it hap­pens, I’ll deal with it. We’re women and that’s what we do.”

Mean­while, Cara is em­brac­ing her chang­ing fig­ure.

“My boobs are the big­gest they’ve ever been. For years, I wore a train­ing bra and now I’m a 32DD, which I’m thrilled with. Al­though, I’m not sure how I’ll feel when I’m breast­feed­ing and in agony,” she laughs. “I love my preg­nancy body and I feel so wom­anly. Peo­ple ask me what I weigh now, but I don’t know how much weight I’ve put on – there’s so much more to worry about than how I look. I’m go­ing to en­joy Christ­mas with a mas­sive roast din­ner and, when I’m ready, I’ll lose weight, but I won’t be in any rush as it’s un­re­al­is­tic.”


And with just weeks be­fore her baby ar­rives, Cara, who’s also made ap­pear­ances in TOWIE, ad­mits she’d love to fol­low in the foot­steps of Sam Faiers and Binky Fel­stead and star in her own docu-se­ries about moth­er­hood.

She adds, “Sam and Binky’s shows are won­der­ful, but Nathan and I wouldn’t be go­ing to Bev­erly Hills or din­ing in Har­rods, it’s all a bit fancy! I think a lot of cou­ples would be able to re­late to us as we’re so nor­mal. I don't have the ideal, pic­tureper­fect fam­ily, but I’ve al­ways wanted to be a mum, so it feels like a dream come true.”

‘This baby feels like the miss­ing part of the puz­zle’

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