Do you chuck half the con­tents of your fridge in the bin at the end of the week? These tips from nu­tri­tion ex­perts will help you keep your food fresh for longer – and cut your shop­ping bill in the process

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PRO­TECT YOUR VEG Ap­par­ently, ev­ery year we throw away 40 per cent of the bagged salad we buy. “Keep let­tuce and salad leaves in a Tup­per­ware box with dry pa­per towel to ab­sorb their mois­ture and stop them go­ing off,” says Lily Sout­ter, nutri­tion­ist and Bowel and Cancer Re­search sup­porter.

“Also store as­para­gus in a glass of wa­ter in the fridge to keep it crisp. Wrap­ping broc­coli and cel­ery in foil be­fore putting in the fridge will help keep them fresher for longer too.” How can you pro­tect an un­used half of an av­o­cado? “Leave the stone in and brush the flesh with lemon juice or olive oil to pre­vent it from brown­ing,” Lily ad­vises.

Nutri­tion­ist and weight loss expert Pippa Camp­bell (pip­pacamp­bell­ adds, “Don’t wash food be­fore you store it in the fridge be­cause it will de­te­ri­o­rate sooner. Just make sure you re­mem­ber to do it be­fore you eat it.”


There’s no need to let cit­rus fruits dry up in your fridge. “Slices of lemon, lime and or­ange can be stored in the freezer ready to add to drinks – they’ll keep your drink cool too!” says Lily. “To pre­vent fresh herbs from go­ing off, cut them into chunks, mix with a driz­zle of olive oil and freeze in ice cube trays.” No more throw­ing away mushy bags of basil!


Nutri­tion­ist Jody Mid­dle­ton (jodymid­dle­ says, “In­stead of throw­ing away the bones from your Sun­day joint of meat, put them in a slow cooker with some car­rots, onions and cel­ery, cover with wa­ter, then cook them for 12 hours. You’ll end up with some very healthy, anti-in­flam­ma­tory, gut-re­pair­ing stock.” Jody also sug­gests keeping left­over veg from ev­ery meal to add to stock. She says, “Save car­rot ends, onion peel and other left­over veg and throw them into the freezer in bags for mak­ing stock on a dif­fer­ent day.”


Nutri­tion­ists agree that the way you store cer­tain items makes a huge dif­fer­ence to their longevity. “Your fridge needs to be cool enough – 5ºc or be­low,” says Lily. “Keeping your milk on the mid­dle shelf will help it stay cooler than in the fridge door, so it will last longer.”

“Sep­a­rate fruit and veg – ap­ples and ba­nanas ripen other fruit and veg­eta­bles quickly,” ex­plains Pippa. “Min­imise the prob­lem by putting fruit and veg­gies in their own draw­ers in the fridge, or in sep­a­rate ar­eas on the coun­ter­top, de­pend­ing on how you pre­fer to store them.”

And Jody adds, “Leave your onions and pota­toes out of the fridge, in­stead keep them in the dark away from other veg­eta­bles to make them last longer. Also, as weird as it sounds, keep an ap­ple in your bag of pota­toes – it will stop them from sprout­ing so quickly.” Ge­nius!

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