Judi James: ‘Her body lan­guage looked staged to gain sym­pa­thy’

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Body lan­guage ex­pert Judi James told Closer she does not be­lieve Rox­anne’s in­ter­views fol­low­ing the scan­dal showed real re­morse.

Judi says, “It was clear Rox­anne had de­cided to apol­o­gise and show re­morse dur­ing both in­ter­views, and her body lan­guage seemed planned and staged to gain sym­pa­thy.

“Were th­ese per­for­mances gen­uine? There were mo­ments when the help of PR ad­vi­sors seemed to be ob­vi­ous. In the first in­ter­view, she re­ferred to her ca­reer as though it was some­thing to re­gain, and she used words like ‘sen­si­tive’ in what sounded like a bid for sym­pa­thy. For Rox­anne to have said ‘every­one makes mis­takes’ sug­gested a di­min­ished view of what hap­pened. It ap­peared to make ex­cuses for her ac­tions. There was an odd mo­ment when she tagged her­self as ‘the most hated girl in Bri­tain’, and per­formed what looked like a small smirk. This could have sug­gested an on­go­ing love of the drama, but it could also have been a ges­ture of de­nial over the whole or­deal.

“She used a sub­dued vo­cal tone on Jeremy Vine’s show, and her eye­lids were drooped to sug­gest lack of sleep or that she had been cry­ing. She vo­calised her apol­ogy with her hands held in what’s called the for­ward steeple. This might have been a de­vice to re­strain her nor­mal hand move­ments, but it can also been seen as a power and high sta­tus sig­nal.

“The hand ges­ture didn’t match her apol­ogy, sug­gest­ing a de­sire to ap­pear com­pli­ant with the apol­ogy but also con­trol the sit­u­a­tion to re-boost her sta­tus.

“For Emma Wil­lis’ in­ter­view on CBB, we had eye-to-eye con­tact, which meant Rox­anne had nowhere to hide. She was equally low-key, but her con­stant nod­ding in­creased as the ac­cu­sa­tions came at her. They be­gan to oc­cur be­fore Emma had fin­ished speak­ing, sug­gest­ing Rox­anne was des­per­ate to agree with ev­ery­thing and any­thing in a bid to get it all over and move on. She was less con­fi­dent when she was asked ques­tions, though, and there were a cou­ple of times when she paused for so long that Emma moved on.

“It would be easy to say she was try­ing to show re­morse just to be for­given and get back to work, but a lot de­pends on fac­tors such as whether she be­lieved her own sto­ries, and what might have mo­ti­vated her to do th­ese things. We will prob­a­bly never know the depth of her prob­lems and mo­ti­va­tions.”

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