Scotty T’s life lessons

Re­al­ity star Scotty T, 30, opens up about ADHD, toxic re­la­tion­ships, and why he re­grets not spend­ing more time with his grand­dad. Here, he re­veals what he’s learnt…

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“In or­der to move for­ward, you have to learn from your mis­takes. I’ve learnt from so many silly things I’ve done – they’re count­less! Join­ing Ge­ordie Shore seven years ago was a learn­ing curve – I be­came fa­mous overnight, I was par­ty­ing like crazy and sud­denly peo­ple were in­ter­ested in ev­ery­thing that I did. There was even a photo with my w***y out once, and peo­ple made such a fuss about it, but I was only jok­ing around. I don’t go out par­ty­ing as much now be­cause I feel a lot more set­tled. I’m much hap­pier now and I don’t dwell on any re­grets.


“I grew up with ADHD (at­ten­tion deficit hyper­ac­tiv­ity dis­or­der), which was tough. I would get eas­ily side-tracked, I couldn’t sit still and I’d get so worked up I’d cry or go mad, or I’d lose my tem­per. But now I’m older, I’ve learnt how to live with be­ing so hy­per all the time and it just means that I have a lot of en­ergy! The only down­side now is that I can be quite in­de­ci­sive and I’ve never re­ally had much di­rec­tion. For me, it’s im­por­tant to take each day as it comes. I’ve got a dif­fer­ent mind-set and I have a very dif­fer­ent out­look on life. I try to chill out, do my own thing and look af­ter my­self – but one goal I do keep is to make sure I’m al­ways on time!”


“I’ve al­ways been close to my fam­ily, but I wish I could have spent more time with my grand­dad be­fore he passed away – that’s one thing I do re­gret. I was so close to him. He was such a clever bloke. He taught me ev­ery­thing when I was a kid and was al­ways there for me. He un­der­stood my ADHD and had all the time in the world for me. I wish I could have done more and been there when he passed away, but I was young and you see things dif­fer­ently then. I can re­mem­ber the day he died like it was yes­ter­day and I wish I could go back and tell him how much he meant to me.”


“I’ve dated quite a few girls in the lime­light (Scotty dated for­mer Miss New­cas­tle Francesca Toole for two years and has also been linked to re­al­ity stars Me­gan Mckenna, Marnie Simp­son and Jor­dan), but I don’t stress about be­ing in a re­la­tion­ship. I love it when you meet some­one and in­stantly click, but when a ro­mance goes toxic, you’ve got to let it go and ac­cept your time to­gether is over. It’s al­ways re­ally heart­break­ing but you shouldn’t bend over back­wards try­ing to fix some­thing that is bro­ken.”


“Some­times I wish I’d fin­ished univer­sity, but I be­lieve ev­ery­thing hap­pens for a rea­son. I got A*s in my A-lev­els, then went on to study Ma­rine En­gi­neer­ing at New­cas­tle for two years. I took a year out to go trav­el­ling and run club events in New­cas­tle – that’s when I got the call for Ge­ordie Shore and I never went back to uni. I turned down the pro­duc­ers at first, but they pestered me and even­tu­ally I just went, “Yeah, go on.” Now, look­ing back, it changed my life and I’m so glad I took the chance af­ter all!”


“Win­ning Celebrity Big Brother in 2016 was one of the proud­est mo­ments of my life. I never truly re­alised the huge amount of sup­port I ac­tu­ally had in my home­town of New­cas­tle. Peo­ple had ev­ery bit of faith in me and they were so happy when I won. When I re­turned home, it was so nice to see ev­ery­one who had backed me – even peo­ple I hadn’t spo­ken to in ages were there. They were just so happy for me and told me how much I de­served to win. I think the rea­son I won was be­cause peo­ple got to see me in a dif­fer­ent light. Ev­ery­one usu­ally just sees me p***ed on Ge­ordie Shore, but I’m ac­tu­ally just a nice, nor­mal kid. Ob­vi­ously, I’ve got my wild side, but who doesn’t? I’m just do­ing my own thing. It was nice to know peo­ple didn’t judge me on my past an­tics – I try not to judge oth­ers, too.”

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