20-year-old: “Peo­ple think my hus­band is my dad”

Beth Telford was just 16 when she got to­gether with fam­ily friend Andy, who was then 44. Four years on, the cou­ple are mar­ried with two children and de­fi­ant about their 28-year age gap...

Closer (UK) - - News - By Mel Fal­low­field

hen Beth Telford fell for older W man Andy, she had no idea she would lose her friends and fam­ily and be forced to move away.

The cou­ple were driven from their home­town in north Wales af­ter Andy was dubbed a pae­dophile due to their 28-year age gap re­la­tion­ship – but the pair say they are bliss­fully happy.

Andy, 47, who speaks for both of them dur­ing our in­ter­view and has been mar­ried three times be­fore, says, “I have got a stun­ningly beau­ti­ful, 20-year-old wife. Peo­ple are just jeal­ous of me.”


The cou­ple first met when Beth was 14 and Andy be­came friends with her mum – she hasn’t spo­ken to her fa­ther for six years. Beth started help­ing out at his courier firm and Andy swears he just saw her as “one of the lads” who worked there. But a week af­ter her 16th birth­day, Beth asked him out.

Beth, now a stay-at-home mum, says, “There wasn’t a mo­ment when I sud­denly re­alised I fan­cied him. It was just a feel­ing I got, which was hard to ig­nore. It seemed so right.”

Andy re­calls, “I’d never looked at her in that way at all. When she asked me out I ac­tu­ally ran to the loo and talked to my fa­ther. He’s 84 and his wife is in her mid 40s, and when they’d got to­gether I’d en­cour­aged it, say­ing if it makes you happy then do it. He said the same to me, so I went back and said ‘yes’. I saw her with new eyes once she asked me out, then I saw her as a woman.”

The cou­ple’s re­la­tion­ship swiftly pro­gressed, and they moved in to­gether af­ter just a few weeks. When fam­ily and friends found out, they were hor­ri­fied, in­clud­ing Beth’s mum – who they haven’t spo­ken to since. The cou­ple got en­gaged af­ter a year, when she was just 17, and she fell preg­nant with son Timmy be­fore they got mar­ried.

It was af­ter Beth was ver­bally abused while out shop­ping when Timmy, now two, was just a baby that they de­cided they had to move away from north Wales to Burn­ley.

Andy says, “I’d had pae­dophile writ­ten on my work van and Beth was called a sl*g by ac­quain­tances. She shrugged it off, but I couldn’t have our children grow­ing up in that en­vi­ron­ment.”


Af­ter mov­ing, the cou­ple got mar­ried in Novem­ber 2016. The only fam­ily there was Andy’s brother and a hand­ful of friends who they’ve barely seen since. But the cou­ple in­sist they have no re­grets, and they now have a sec­ond son, Conwy, one.

Andy, a coach driver, says, “We are each other’s best friend and we don’t need other peo­ple. We have loads in com­mon, we like watch­ing all the re­al­ity TV shows and soaps to­gether. We’ve never had an ar­gu­ment. It’s the hap­pi­est I’ve ever been.”

Beth echoes this sen­ti­ment, say­ing, “He calls me beauty and I call him my teddy bear. He’s my best friend.”

The cou­ple ad­mit that even since mov­ing away peo­ple stare at them and, when they’re out to­gether, Andy will al­most al­ways be mis­taken for her dad.

Andy says, “Depend­ing on our mood we will play up to it when peo­ple are star­ing. I’ve been known to pull Beth onto my knee and say, ‘Come to daddy now’ and then give her a huge snog! I don’t un­der­stand why peo­ple see it as a big deal.”

The cou­ple aren’t wor­ried about what the fu­ture might hold. Andy says, “Life is short and you don’t know what’s round the corner. We are liv­ing day by day – very hap­pily.”

Andy and Beth say they “don’t need other peo­ple”

The pair got mar­ried in 2016

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