Monthly ‘salary’aly’ of f Talktalk scam­mers in In­dia

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Talktalk has warned its UK cus­tomers to be aware of scams in the wake of star­tling rev­e­la­tions that they are be­ing tar­geted en masse by a huge fraud net­work in In­dia.

Three for­mer scam­mers spoke to un­der­cover BBC re­porters, claim­ing that up to 60 staff work in shifts across two call cen­tres. Each scam­mer can earn up to £120 a month.

They showed the re­porters a script they were pro­vided that’s de­signed to con­vince Talktalk cus­tomers they are call­ing from the com­pany.

The scam­mer then claims that the cus­tomer’s PC is in­fected, and to fix this they ur­gently need to re­motely in­stall soft­ware.

If the scam­mer is pro­vided ac­cess to the PC, they then down­load mal­ware on to it. Once that’s done, they tell the cus­tomer that they are en­ti­tled to com­pen­sa­tion, and ask them to sign into their bank ac­count. At this point an­other team of scam­mers strike, us­ing the mal­ware to steal money from the vic­tim’s bank ac­count.

The crim­i­nal op­er­a­tion ap­pears to be un­re­lated to the mas­sive at­tack Talktalk suf­fered in 2015, when hack­ers stole the de­tails of 157,000 cus­tomers.

In­stead, it’s al­leged that the scams can be traced back to Talktalk out­sourc­ing some of its call cen­tres to the Cal­cutta of­fice of In­dian IT co­com­pany Wipro.

An anony­mous source in Cal­cutta claims that a gang of fraud­sters ob­tained data that three Wipro em­ploy­ees were ar­rested for sell­ing last year.

In re­sponse, Talktalk said it was aware of the scams, and that it launched its Beat The Scam­mers cam­paign ( www.talktalk beatthescam­mers) to help pro­tect cus­tomers.

It claims that its net­work blocks “over 90 mil­lion scam and nui­sance calls a month”.

The BBC said that the two com­pa­nies named by the whistle­blow­ers de­nied any wrong­do­ing.

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