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Free sys­tem-mon­i­tor­ing tools tend to fo­cus on one job, such as check­ing hard-drive us­age or alert­ing you when your pro­ces­sor is about to blow a gas­ket. Sys­gauge jug­gles both th­ese tasks – and also mon­i­tors your RAM, in­stalled pro­grams, op­er­at­ing sys­tem, USB ports, router and even other PCS on your net­work. It dis­plays real-time mea­sure­ments on graphs, then of­fers rat­ings and warn­ings to help you make sense of the num­bers. All from a small, easy-to-use pro­gram that doesn’t cost a penny.

What’s the catch? Hon­estly, there isn’t one. It can even spell ‘gauge’ cor­rectly. It can’t quite whip out a screw­driver and fix your PC, but it can switch it off and on again, which some may ar­gue is the main job of IT sup­port any­way (not that you’d catch me say­ing such a thing). It’s up to you to con­fig­ure this warn­ing sys­tem, by set­ting Sys­gauge to, for ex­am­ple, play a sound or restart your PC when a cer­tain counter crosses a cho­sen thresh­old. The in­struc­tions are ex­plained clearly on the web page.

You can ex­port data as a spread­sheet (Ex­cel or CSV), as well as PDF, plain text and HTML – all for free. There’s even an in­ter­val ex­port op­tion that saves data at set times (say, ev­ery 10 min­utes), then au­to­mat­i­cally emails you the files.

The pro­gram does need in­stalling but the process is quick and junk-free. Click the ap­pro­pri­ate Down­load but­ton for your PC ( 32bit or 64bit), then save and run the in­staller. The pro­gram takes up just 14.3MB (64bit ver­sion). Sys­gauge launched in Jan­uary 2017 and has al­ready re­leased sev­eral up­dates, so we ex­pect even more op­tions to be added soon. To save a re­port, click Mon­i­tor, Save Re­port, then choose an ex­port for­mat and mode. To set up au­to­matic re­ports at in­ter­vals, click Op­tions, then Ad­vanced.

4 3 The de­fault counter dis­plays CPU Us­age (how hard your pro­ces­sor is work­ing). Click the en­tries un­der Counter to see Mem­ory Us­age, Net­work Trans­fer Rate and more. To add one or more of dozens of coun­ters to the list, click Add then click through the op­tions. For ex­am­ple, we added a counter to mon­i­tor a USB port’s trans­fer rate. To get a cur­rent health re­port, click An­a­lyze. To con­fig­ure au­to­matic ac­tions (Con­di­tions) at cer­tain lev­els, right-click a counter, then click Edit Counter. 2 1 2 3 4 1

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