Force your phone bat­tery to las­tast longer

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What you need: An­droid phone or iphone Time re­quired: 15 min­utes

Aphone’sbat­tery tends to drain more quickly the older it gets. Kasper­sky Bat­tery Life (KBL) is a new, free An­droid app that will make your bat­tery last longer by clos­ing en­ergy- hog­ging back­ground apps. There’s no sim­i­lar app for iphones so (from Step 5) we’ll pro­vide you with some handy tips to keep your iphone run­ning longer.


On an An­droid phone, in­stall and open Kasper­sky Bat­tery Life ( www.snipca. com/25693), keep tap­ping Next, then tap Done. You’ll now see how long your cur­rent charge will last 1 . Be­low that, you’ll see a list of all apps run­ning in the back­ground 2 and the length of time you can ex­tend your bat­tery life by force-clos­ing each one 3 . There are two ways you can use Kasper­sky Bat­tery Life. Tap the green but­ton 4 to force-close your back­ground apps in one go and ex­tend your bat­tery life by the time dis­played on the but­ton.


Al­ter­na­tively, tap ‘Select all’ 1 to untick all the apps. Now tick to select those you want to close 2 , then tap the green but­ton 3 to force-close them. KBL tells you how many apps were closed and whether any apps restarted au­to­mat­i­cally after clos­ing. Tap Details to see these cul­prits – there’s an easy way to stop them restart­ing in fu­ture.


First, en­sure the restart­ing app(s) 1 and the box at the bot­tom 2 are ticked, then tap ‘Turn On and Stop Apps’ 3 . Next, select Kasper­sky Bat­tery Life, tap the slider at the top to turn it on, then tap OK. You’ll see how many min­utes of bat­tery life you’ve gained by force-clos­ing your apps. Tap OK and you’ll see a ‘Bat­tery usage is op­ti­mal’ mes­sage.


KBL lets you nom­i­nate ‘Fa­vorite apps’ that you don’t mind run­ning in the back­ground. Re­turn to the main app sec­tion, tap the three lines at the top left, then ‘Fa­vorite apps’. You may see some apps have been in­cluded by de­fault (in­clud­ing mes­sag­ing apps). To add more, tap Add 1 , tap the apps you want to run, then tap Add at the top right. You’ll see a to­tal es­ti­mate of how these apps will re­duce your bat­tery life 2 , with in­di­vid­ual app es­ti­mates be­low 3 . You can re­move apps from this list by tap­ping their X 4 . Fi­nally, re­turn to the main screen 5 , tap the three lines at the top left, then Set­tings. From here, you can man­age KBL’S no­ti­fi­ca­tions us­ing slid­ers (to alert you when your favourite apps are drain­ing your bat­tery, for ex­am­ple).


Whether you use an An­droid phone or iphone, you can pro­long phone’s bat­tery life by turn­ing off your Wi-fi, Blue­tooth 1 , lo­ca­tion ser­vices 2 and NFC 3 when you’re not us­ing them. Also re­duce your screen’s bright­ness lev­els 4 and avoid stream­ing videos. Some phones (in­clud­ing mod­els from Google, Sam­sung and Huawei) of­fer bat­tery-sav­ing modes that you can tap to en­able. Open Set­tings 5 , then tap Bat­tery to ac­cess them.


If you use an iphone, tap Set­tings, then Bat­tery to see two tabs show­ing you as a per­cent­age which apps have con­sumed most charge in the last day 1 and last 7 days 2 . Tap the clock icon 3 to see how long you’ve used those apps in those time pe­ri­ods. Some apps also in­clude length of time run­ning in the back­ground 4 . At the top, you’ll see the Low Power Mode slider 5 that you can ac­ti­vate to re­duce back­ground app usage.


If you’ve up­dated your iphone to IOS 11, you can add the Low Power Mode op­tion to your Con­trol Cen­ter for eas­ier ac­cess. Open Set­tings, Con­trol Cen­tre, tap Cus­tomise Con­trols, then tap the ‘+’ icon be­side Low Power Mode 1 . From now on, you can ac­ti­vate this mode by swip­ing up from the bot­tom of your iphone, then tap­ping the bat­tery icon. ●

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