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Back up Thun­der­bird set­tings

In your Cover Fea­ture on email (Is­sue 511), you pro­vided in­struc­tions on how to back up your Thun­der­bird set­tings. To do this, I use the pro­gram Mozbackup ( http://mozbackup.jas­na­ It backs up my set­tings, ad­dress book and emails. I also use it for back­ing up Fire­fox set­tings and book­marks. Works a treat in Win­dows 10! David Jolly

Scan any­thing quickly and eas­ily

I’d like to rec­om­mend the pro­gram Not Another PDF Scan­ner 2 (NAPS2, www. When I first saw its name I was highly du­bi­ous. But I haven’t been so pleased with a pro­gram for ages. I am us­ing a Canon Pixma MP800 to digitise a lot of my stuff: pa­per­work and pho­tos. The cam­era’s scan­ning soft­ware is pretty de­cent with plenty of op­tions, but when it comes to pro­cess­ing the fin­ished ar­ti­cle it gets very clunky.

NAPS2 makes the process an ab­so­lute breeze and I can­not rec­om­mend it highly enough, though of course I can only speak for how it works with my par­tic­u­lar printer.

I click Scan (see screen­shot be­low) and it takes me to the scan­ner’s soft­ware to set up and ac­ti­vate the scan. It then im­me­di­ately re­turns to NAPS2 where a scanned thumb­nail im­age is shown. You can re­peat this as many times as you like and all the thumb­nails will be dis­played to­gether.

You can then tweak the images for bright­ness and con­trast within the pro­gram, or ex­port them to your own

photo soft­ware and flip and ro­tate them, per­form OCR, and if nec­es­sary re­order them by drag­ging and drop­ping. You can also im­port any other pics, even mul­ti­page PDFS. Then I can in­stantly bun­dle them into a PDF or save the scans as images in a va­ri­ety of for­mats. All in all, this is a bril­liant, highly ef­fec­tive and time-sav­ing pro­gram. Tony All­away

Use sim­ple PDF pro­grams

Many pro­grams for man­ag­ing PDFS are large, com­plex and in­tru­sive (Adobe, do you hear me?). Here are two use­ful al­ter­na­tives. SLIMPDF ( lets you open a PDF quickly and then store it in a folder of your choice. There are no ex­tra tools, such as edit­ing. DOPDF ( will con­vert a file such as TXT or .doc to a PDF, which in turn can be printed to paper. To down­load the free ver­sion click the green ‘Down­load Now!’ but­ton (see screen­shot be­low). Kay Tuck­ton

Stop spam us­ing Mail­washer

One pro­gram you didn’t men­tion in your re­cent Cover Fea­ture on email (Is­sue 511) was Mail­washer ( www.mail­ I have found this ex­ceed­ingly use­ful over many years for deal­ing with the

umpteen daily emails I re­ceive from var­i­ous sources such as pre­vi­ous clients, scams, spam etc.

The pro­gram reads the emails di­rect in a re­mote server with­out down­load­ing them (and any po­ten­tial prob­lems) to your PC and dis­plays them in ta­ble form. Th­ese can be marked ‘Good’ in which case they will be high­lighted green or ‘Spam’ in which case they are red.

Click­ing the Wash Mail but­ton deletes the red emails at the re­mote server and down­loads the green emails to your in­box. This should hap­pen au­to­mat­i­cally but I’ve found that it doesn’t al­ways work. How­ever, this may be down to how my PC is set up.

Red-high­lighted emails can also be set to ‘bounce’ back to the sender, giv­ing the im­pres­sion that your email ad­dress is no longer ac­tive. You can also re­cover an email if you deleted it by mis­take.

Set­ting the pro­gram up is easy, and it au­to­mat­i­cally gath­ers de­tails of your email ac­counts and pass­words as part of the setup process, so you don’t need to en­ter th­ese man­u­ally. David Carmichael

Not Another PDF Scan­ner 2 (NAPS2)N) lets you scan all your pa­per­work and pho­tos

Use Mozbackup to save your Thun­der­bird and Fire­fox set­tings

In Mail­washer spam emails are high­lighted red, le­git­i­mate ones green

Click the green ‘Down­load Now!’ but­ton to get the free ver­sion of DOPDF

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