How do I change the drive let­ter in Win­dows 10?

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QI’ve fi­nally re­tired my Win­dows XP desk­top PC. The ex­ter­nal drive and USB stick that I used with this both work on my new Win­dows 10 lap­top, but the drive let­ters have flipped! On the XP com­puter the mem­ory stick used to be drive E and the ex­ter­nal hard drive was F, but on my Win­dows 10 lap­top it’s the other way around. I know this isn’t tech­ni­cally a prob­lem, but it’s do­ing my head in! In par­tic­u­lar, I spent years know­ing the ex­ter­nal hard drive as F and my brain can’t get to grips with it now be­ing E. I’ve tried dis­con­nect­ing and re­con­nect­ing them in a dif­fer­ent or­der but the let­ters re­main. Is there any way to switch them? John Cham­ber­lain

AYes, you can do this. Start by dis­con­nect­ing the USB mem­ory stick. Now press Win­dows key+r, type comp­mgmt.msc and press En­ter: this launches the Com­puter Man­age­ment con­sole. In the left-hand nav­i­ga­tion pane dou­ble-click the Stor­age head­ing to ex­pand it and, un­der­neath, se­lect Disk Man­age­ment. Next, in the bot­tom mid­dle pane, right-click the box rep­re­sent­ing your ex­ter­nal hard drive (F) then choose ‘Change Drive Let­ter and Paths’ from the pop-up menu (see screen­shot).

In the next box, click Change. Another box will ap­pear: check that ‘As­sign the fol­low­ing drive’ is se­lected and then open the drop­down menu to the right and choose E, fol­lowed by OK. Fi­nally, pop in your USB stick and then re­peat this process, choos­ing F as the drive let­ter.

You can switch the drive let­ters on a Win­dows 10 PC in the Com­puter Man­age­ment con­sole

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