Why can’t I type af­ter Win­dows 10 launches?

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QI have a lap­top that’s worked fine for sev­eral years, orig­i­nally with Win­dows 7 and more re­cently with Win­dows 10. Up un­til a few days ago ev­ery­thing had been fine, but now the key­board won’t work af­ter I’ve logged into Win­dows! What I mean is that I can type my pass­word on the lo­gin screen but as soon as Win­dows ac­tu­ally opens for use that’s it — no more key­board in­put ac­cepted! The mouse still works and be­cause of Cor­tana I’m just about able to use my PC, but con­trol­ling it by voice and mouse alone is driv­ing me nuts. Do you have any idea what might have caused this, and how to fix it? Rhys Dale

AWin­dows has an ac­ces­si­bil­ity fea­ture called Fil­ter Keys that, when en­abled, can be set to ig­nore cer­tain types of key press. It will, for ex­am­ple, dis­card taps con­sid­ered too quick or too slow. The idea is to help those with mo­bil­ity prob­lems avoid ac­ci­den­tal in­put. How­ever, th­ese same fea­tures can cause prob­lems, and can even clash with some key­board driv­ers to ef­fec­tively pre­vent in­put un­less you type in a very spe­cific man­ner. That’s al­most cer­tainly what’s hap­pen­ing here, as Fil­ter Keys is ac­ti­vated only af­ter Win­dows launches – which is why you can type be­fore it does.

Fil­ter Keys can be en­abled by hold­ing down the right-hand Shift key for a few sec­onds, which is some­thing you might’ve done ac­ci­den­tally. To dis­able it, click Start fol­lowed by the Set­tings cog, and then ‘Ease of Ac­cess’ fol­lowed by Key­board. Now scroll down to the Fil­ter Keys sec­tion and flip to Off the switch la­belled ‘Ig­nore or slow down brief or re­peated key­strokes and ad­just key­board re­peat rate’ (see screen­shot).

Fil­ter Keys, which might clash with key­board driv­ers and stop your typ­ing in­put, can be switched off in Set­tings

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