How can I re­move ‘Scan and fix’ mes­sage?

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QBe­cause I need to ac­cess files on both my Win­dows 10 PCS, I store ev­ery­thing on a USB stick. Not long ago Win­dows started showing a no­ti­fi­ca­tion that I should ‘Scan and fix’ the stick. I agreed to do so, but Win­dows froze be­fore any progress was made. Can I make Win­dows stop telling me to scan the drive? Ryan Bester

AWin­dows prompts you to scan and fix a removable drive (such as a USB stick) if it be­lieves it has pre­vi­ously been un­plugged with­out be­ing prop­erly ejected. This can cor­rupt it, so it’s a sen­si­ble pre­cau­tion, but we agree it’s an­noy­ing. The best way to avoid be­ing nagged is to al­ways right-click the drive let­ter and se­lect Eject be­fore phys­i­cally un­plug­ging the stick.

The fact that your PC froze sug­gests the stick is cor­rupted. Make a backup of its contents, then right-click the Start but­ton and choose Com­mand Prompt (Ad­min). At the prompt type chkdsk :e /f< (re­place e: with the drive let­ter of your stick). That should ei­ther fix any er­rors on the stick or iden­tify that there aren’t any.

If that doesn’t work, re­for­mat the stick. To do this, in­sert it in your PC, right-click it in the drives sec­tion of File Man­ager, se­lect For­mat, then click Start. Once com­pleted, copy your data back to the stick. You should no longer be prompted to fix it.

It is pos­si­ble to turn off the ‘Scan and fix’ mes­sage - or at least it used to be be­fore the Win­dows 10 Cre­ators Up­date (CU) ar­rived in April. It’s worth try­ing if you haven’t in­stalled the CU yet, though be aware that it also dis­ables the Au­to­play func­tion, which au­to­mat­i­cally opens CDS, DVDS and USB sticks in your pre­ferred soft­ware.

Open the Start menu, type ser­vices, then run the Ser­vices app in the sug­gested re­sults. Scroll down the list of ser­vices and dou­ble-click Shell Hard­ware De­tec­tion. In the win­dow that opens change the ‘Startup type’ box from Au­to­matic to Man­ual (see screen­shot), then click Stop fol­lowed by OK. Re­trace your steps if you need to turn it back on.

Choose ‘Man­ual’ in the ‘Startup type’ box to stop the ‘Scan and fix’ mes­sage

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