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Why can’t I in­stall Kasper­sky Bat­tery Life?

QIwanted to use Kasper­sky Bat­tery Life (KBL) as fea­tured in Is­sue 512 (page 40), but my phone – a Sam­sung Galaxy S8, run­ning An­droid 7 – tells me it’s not com­pat­i­ble. A lit­tle on­line re­search sug­gests KBL may not be com­pat­i­ble with some An­droid 7 and 8 de­vices. I can’t see any dis­claimers in your ar­ti­cle about this. Any com­ments? Howard L Smith

A you’re right, KBL won’t work with all An­droid 7 and 8 phones – de­spite be­ing avail­able on Google Play Store (, where its re­quire­ments are de­scribed as ‘An­droid 4.1 and up’. Fur­ther dig­ging in the Play Store en­try did re­veal that ‘Cur­rently An­droid 7.0 and 8.0 are not sup­ported’. How­ever, it did work on our An­droid 7 phone (a Huawei Mate 9). App com­pat­i­bil­ity can be a com­pli­cated busi­ness.

Google seems to have blocked bat­tery-track­ing apps like KBL from mon­i­tor­ing how apps af­fect bat­tery life in An­droid 7 and 8. It in­tro­duced its own bat­tery-op­ti­mi­sa­tion fea­ture in th­ese ver­sions. We sus­pect it blocked other bat­tery-track­ing apps to avoid them clash­ing with this fea­ture. Kasper­sky has prob­a­bly lim­ited the avail­abil­ity of KBL to phones with An­droid 6 and ear­lier for this same rea­son.

If you still want to in­stall a bat­tery-track­ing app, we rec­om­mend Gsam Bat­tery Mon­i­tor ( It in­stalls with­out any prob­lems on An­droid 7 and 8 phones and will keep tabs on how Blue­tooth, Wi-fi and your phone’s screen drains the bat­tery.

It won’t, how­ever – for the rea­sons we’ve ex­plained above – track how in­di­vid­ual apps are drain­ing your phone’s bat­tery. To find this out you should use Google’s bat­tery-track­ing tool in­stead. Tap Set­tings, Bat­tery, then scroll down (see screen­shot above right).

To stop an app that’s a drain on your bat­tery, tap it, then tap Force Stop. On a Sam­sung Galaxy S8 this process is slightly dif­fer­ent. Tap Set­tings, Bat­tery, then scroll down to the ‘App power mon­i­tor’ sec­tion, tap the apps you want to close, then tap the Save Power but­ton.

Have my on­line ac­counts been hacked?

QI re­cently checked the se­cu­rity of my on­line ac­counts us­ing the Have I Been Pwned? site (see News, Is­sue 510, page 8, https://haveibeen­pwned. com). My email ad­dress trig­gered two warn­ings: Avast An­tivirus and On­liner spam­bot. You rec­om­mend chang­ing pass­words, but nei­ther of th­ese two pro­grams re­quire pass­words. How should I pro­ceed, please? David Ad­cock

Athe two warn­ings rep­re­sent dif­fer­ent prob­lems, so we’ll tackle each in turn. The Avast alert does in­di­cate that there’s a pass­word you need to change. If you use Avast An­tivirus (or have done in the past) you will have cre­ated an ac­count. Go to to log in (click the ‘Can’t ac­cess your ac­count’ link if you can’t re­mem­ber your pass­word to re­set it). Once you’ve logged in, change your pass­word by click­ing your email ad­dress (at the top right), ‘Change pass­word’ (see screen­shot above), then fol­low the in­struc­tions.

The On­liner-spam­bot warn­ing might be more se­ri­ous. It in­di­cates that your email ad­dress has been as­so­ci­ated with the On­liner spam­bot which, in the worst case, could mean your ac­count pass­words and bank card de­tails have been stolen. To be on the safe side, we sug­gest you change the pass­words you use on your ac­counts (Last­pass could come in handy here) and ask your bank for a new card.

Is there a good al­ter­na­tive to ON1 Ef­fects?

QI down­loaded the pro­gram ON1 Ef­fects ( as rec­om­mended in Best Free Soft­ware (Is­sue 511), but it would not open be­cause it re­quires a sep­a­rate graph­ics card with a min­i­mum 512MB of RAM. Is there a way around this – my com­puter doesn’t have a sep­a­rate card. Michael Pugh

Afirst the bad news: there is no way around this. Un­for­tu­nately, ON1 Ef­fects does re­quire the stand­alone graph­ics card to work and it seems your PC doesn’t meet this re­quire­ment. The good news is that there are other pro­grams you can try. We sug­gest you try a com­bi­na­tion of and the Google Nik Col­lec­tion to ac­cess all kinds of ex­cel­lent photo fil­ters for free. See our fea­ture on page 60 to find out how to add Google Nik to

Use An­droid’s built in bat­tery-tracker to find out which apps drain your bat­tery Change your Avast pass­word if your ac­count has been the vic­tim of a data breach

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