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Use Your PC’S We­b­cam

(don’t buy an ex­pen­sive cam­era)

is a bril­liant free pro­gram that lets you turn your PC’S we­b­cam (or any cam­era con­nected to your home Wi-fi net­work) into a sur­veil­lance cam­era. We’ll show you how to set it up and use it to mon­i­tor your home re­motely via a web browser, or from your phone or tablet. It has a great fea­ture that no­ti­fies you when­ever move­ment is de­tected within the area you’re mon­i­tor­ing. You can also let two other peo­ple ac­cess your live CCTV feed. STEP You first need to sign up for an Ivideon ac­count. Go to 1, then en­ter your email ad­dress and a pass­word 1 . Se­lect ‘For home’ 2 , untick the box at the bot­tom 3 (to opt out of pro­mo­tional emails), then click Cre­ate An Ac­count 4 . Next, click the ‘Con­nect Cam­era on DVR’ but­ton, se­lect the cam­era on your Wi-fi net­work you want to use as your CCTV, then click Con­tinue. Fi­nally, click the ‘Down­load for Win­dows’ but­ton to down­load the Ivideon Server setup file, then click Done on the web page. STEP Ivideon lets you down­load any recorded video. On the 3 fol­low­ing screen, you’ll see where this video file is stored by de­fault 1 . You can change this lo­ca­tion by click­ing the three dots 2 , then se­lect­ing the save lo­ca­tion you want to use. By de­fault, Ivideon lim­its the record­ing stor­age space to 5GB 3 , but you can change this us­ing the up and down arrows. The pro­gram tells you how much free stor­age space you have on your PC 4 . Click Next 5 . On the fi­nal setup screen, untick ‘Start Ivideon Server at sys­tem startup’, then click Fin­ish. The Ivideon web page will now open and you’ll see your we­b­cam name as a tile.

STEP Open the down­loaded setup file, click Yes, OK, Next, 2 In­stall. Once that’s done, click Fin­ish. When the ‘Ivideon Server setup wiz­ard’ opens, click Next, se­lect ‘New con­fig­u­ra­tion’, then click Next again. Now en­ter your email ad­dress 1 , click the Lo­ca­tion drop­down menu, se­lect the type of lo­ca­tion you want to mon­i­tor 2 , then click Next twice. Ivideon will now search for all the video cam­eras con­nected to your home Wi-fi net­work. Tick to se­lect the one you want to use, then click Next.

STEP Click this we­b­cam tile to ex­pand the view, then po­si­tion 4 the we­b­cam so it looks over the area you want to mon­i­tor. Click the fullscreen but­ton 1 . If you no­tice that the video qual­ity is poor, click the qual­ity but­ton and se­lect Hi 2 . At the bot­tom you’ll see a time­line slider 3 that lets you watch recorded footage at dif­fer­ent points in time. Use the zoom in and out but­tons 4 to ex­pand/shrink the time­line view. To down­load your recorded footage, click the Save but­ton 5 , then click the tick.

STEP 6We’ll now show you how to mon­i­tor your live feed from another PC browser. Check this Step works at home be­fore try­ing it re­motely. Go to www.ivideon. com, click ‘Sign in’ at the top right and log into your ac­count. In the Cam­eras tab 1 , you’ll see your cam­era’s name. Click this to see a live feed. Click the Events tab 2 to see all the times mo­tion was de­tected. Click any of th­ese clips 3 to play it. The Help tab 4 has links to use­ful Ivideon guides and FAQS.

STEP 7STEP To give other peo­ple ac­cess to your 5 CCTV feed click the three lines (menu) at the top right, then click ‘Grant ac­cess to other users’ and en­ter the email ad­dresses of two trusted peo­ple. By de­fault, the pro­gram doesn’t send you (or your trusted friends) no­ti­fi­ca­tions when it de­tects mo­tion. To en­able this, click No­ti­fi­ca­tions in the menu. Here, switch on both slid­ers at the top 1 , click No­ti­fi­ca­tions Are On 2 , click Save at the bot­tom right, then close the win­dow. Now en­sure your cam­era is record­ing the cor­rect area. To mon­i­tor your home feed from your phone or tablet, in­stall the free Video Sur­veil­lance Ivideon app (An­droid www.snipca. com/25981; IOS www. Open the app, tap ‘Sign in’ and log into your Ivideon ac­count. Now se­lect your cam­era’s name to view its live feed on your de­vice 1 . Use the zoom but­tons 2 to zoom into your time­line, then tap any point 3 to watch footage. When­ever your cam­era de­tects mo­tion, you’ll see a no­ti­fi­ca­tion on your de­vice (th­ese are also ac­ces­si­ble in the Events tab 4 ). Tap the Snap­shot tab 5 to take a screen­shot. To switch off your we­b­cam, open the Ivideon Server on your PC, click the Stop but­ton, then Exit. ●

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