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Why can’t I use God­mode af­ter Fall Cre­ators Up­date? Qis­sue

492’s Cover Fea­ture was about God­mode, a hidden Win­dows tool which has dozens of links to Con­trol Panel fea­tures. I’ve found it very handy, but af­ter the Fall Cre­ators Up­date (FCU) it no longer works. You pre­dicted this might hap­pen due to Mi­crosoft’s ap­proach to Con­trol Panel. Can you con­firm if God­mode has now gone, or is there an al­ter­na­tive setup code for the lat­est up­date? Vic Jack­son Ait’s

pos­si­ble that FCU re­moved an ex­ist­ing God­mode icon from your Win­dows desk­top. How­ever, we’ve tested God­mode with FCU and it still works just fine — but its icon no longer dis­plays the ‘God­mode’ la­bel. If FCU has re­moved your God­mode icon then it can be recre­ated as be­fore.

First, right-click a blank area of your desk­top, then choose New fol­lowed by ‘folder’. Name this folder ‘God­mode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C99712043E01C}’ and press En­ter. To avoid er­rors, you can visit the Paste­bin page we cre­ated at and copy and paste the full code from there.

Can I print la­bels in Li­bre­of­fice?

Qthank you for the use­ful ‘Print postage la­bels for free’ Work­shop in Is­sue 515 (page 38). It ob­vi­ously works well with Mi­crosoft Word, but I would love to print Avery la­bels L7160 us­ing Li­bre­of­fice Writer. Is this pos­si­ble? Dave Willing­ton Ayes

it is, and you’re not the only reader to have en­quired about this (see Don Palmer’s lead tip in Read­ers’ Tips, page 43). This is clearly a pop­u­lar op­tion so it’s worth re­peat­ing.

First, open the File menu, hover your cur­sor over New, then click La­bels. Next, in the La­bels box that ap­pears, click ‘Avery A4’ in the Brand drop­down menu and ‘L7160 Ad­dress’ in the Type drop­down menu (see screen­shot be­low left). Fi­nally, click the New Doc­u­ment but­ton to cre­ate a new, blank doc­u­ment with the tem­plate you need for L7160 la­bels.

How do I remove all my Google data?

Q IN Is­sue 515, your Cover Fea­ture on what Google, Face­book and Ama­zon know about us gives in­struc­tions on how to remove the data Google has col­lected on you (see page 51). How­ever, it seems you can only delete one day at the time. Do you know if it’s pos­si­ble to wipe all the data in one fell swoop? I’ve spent ages re­mov­ing around months’ worth of data, so this would be a great help. Claude Le­grand A WE did pro­vide in­struc­tions on this. The rel­e­vant sec­tion di­rectly fol­lowed the ad­vice on re­mov­ing items one day at a time (it spilled into the next col­umn, so you may have over­looked it). To re­cap, first click the menu but­ton (three stacked dots) at the top right and then choose ‘Delete ac­tiv­ity by’ (see screen­shot above left). Now choose ‘All time’ and ‘All prod­ucts’ in the drop­down menus, click Delete, then Delete again to con­firm.

Which sys­tem pro­cesses can I close in Win­dows?

Q I down­loaded Io­bit Ad­vanced Sys­tem­care as per the Work­shop in Is­sue 515 (page 35). Step 10 ex­plains how to close back­ground pro­cesses. I un­der­stand th­ese can slow down a PC, but I have dif­fi­culty de­cid­ing which pro­cesses can be closed and which should be left open. Can you ad­vise? Frank Hod­der

A WE must ad­mit to a small mis­take in this Work­shop – the rocket icon ac­tu­ally ‘cleans’ your PC’S mem­ory, rather than clos­ing all back­ground pro­cesses. You can still do this by tick­ing all the boxes then click­ing End Task, but that’s not a good idea un­less you re­ally know what you’re do­ing. The best an­swer to a tricky ques­tion is to close only those en­tries you recog­nise and know won’t cause prob­lems. Se­lect Sys­tem­care’s Speedup tab, then click Con­fig­ure. Items un­der the Sys­tem Ser­vices tab are best left alone while those un­der Non-win­dows Ser­vices and Back­ground Apps (see screen­shot above) may be safe to close, but search on Google to re­search th­ese.

To delete all your per­sonal brows­ing data from Google click this set­ting, then ‘All time’ Use Io­bit Ad­vanced Sys­tem­care’s tabs to help iden­tify pro­cesses you can close

Choose this op­tion in Li­bre­of­fice’s La­bels win­dow to cre­ate a postal la­bels tem­plate

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