Can I move an ipad backup?

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Q A long story short: I broke my ipad, but my most re­cent backup is on a Win­dows PC at my brother’s house – in Amer­ica! I’ll be back there at Christ­mas but I’m won­der­ing if there’s a way to get the backup from itunes on his PC to the PC at my house here in Blighty? I spoke to Ap­ple and they said the ipad would need to be con­nected to the itunes that holds the backup, which isn’t much help to me. The only backup I have here at home on my com­puter is nearly a year old and, while I sup­pose it’ll do if I have no choice, I re­ally want to get my hands on the backup I made in the US this past Christ­mas. Is there any way to make this hap­pen? Matthew Fisher A Ap­ple’s not wrong, but we guess it didn’t ex­plain that itunes’ backup fold­ers can be trans­ported be­tween com­put­ers. First, in­struct your brother to press Win­dows key+e to launch File Ex­plorer, then ask him to nav­i­gate to C:\users\[user­name]\ap­p­data\ Roam­ing\ap­ple Com­puter\

Mo­bilesync\backup, where User­name is the user­name of the Win­dows ac­count used to backup your ipad. Here, he’ll see one or more fold­ers with cryp­tic names. One of these is your backup. We can’t say which, but check the date for a clue. Have him right-click this folder, point to ‘Send to’, then click ‘Com­pressed (zipped) folder’ (see screen­shot above). Your brother now needs to get this file to you. It’ll al­most cer­tainly be too big to email, but there are many on­line-stor­age ser­vices that can help. If he has Onedrive set up on his PC, for ex­am­ple, he could trans­fer the

ZIP file into his Onedrive folder and then gen­er­ate a sharing link that you can click to down­load. First, he should right-click the ZIP file and choose ‘Share a Onedrive link’ (see screen­shot left), to copy the link to the Win­dows Clip­board. Then, he just needs to send you that link in an email, press­ing Con­trol (Ctrl)+v to paste it into the mes­sage body.

If he doesn’t have Onedrive or sim­i­lar then a free file-trans­fer ser­vice such as We Trans­fer ( www.we­trans­fer. com) will do the job. Tell your brother to click ‘Take me to Free’ fol­lowed by ‘I agree’, then tap in your email ad­dress. Next, he should click ‘Add your files’, se­lect the ZIP file just cre­ated and then click Trans­fer. When the file has fin­ished up­load­ing, you’ll re­ceive an email with the rel­e­vant down­load link.

At your end, first make sure itunes is not run­ning (or close it if it is). Next, press Win­dows key+e to launch Win­dows Ex­plorer and then nav­i­gate to C:\users\[user­name]\ap­p­data\ Roam­ing\ap­ple Com­puter\mo­bile Sync\backup. Copy the down­loaded ZIP file to this folder, then right-click it and choose Ex­tract All.

Wait for the process to com­plete and then launch itunes. Click Edit fol­lowed by Pref­er­ences, and then De­vices. If all has gone to plan, your up-to-date backup will take pride of place at the top of the list, un­der ‘De­vice back­ups’. You can now at­tach a new ipad and pro­ceed with the re­store process as nor­mal.

Use File Ex­plorer to find the ipad backup and then com­press it as a ‘Zipped folder’

You can use Onedrive to send a com­pressed ipad backup file

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