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Q re­cently asked me if I wanted to try a new ‘beta’ sys­tem and I in­ad­ver­tently agreed. I don’t mind the up­dated look, but after a few weeks I re­alised I was miss­ing some replies to mes­sages. I later re­alised this was be­cause this fancy new had taken it upon it­self to com­bine replies un­der the orig­i­nal en­try in the in­box. I find this con­fus­ing and pre­ferred the old way, where any new re­ply would al­ways ap­pear at the top of the in­box – as a new mes­sage. Flip­ping the ‘Outlook beta’ switch off puts it back this way, but I’d like to keep the new-look Do you know if it is pos­si­ble to set up the new sys­tem so it doesn’t com­bine replies like this? Deb­o­rah Mills

A Yes, you can do this. Mi­crosoft calls this fea­ture Con­ver­sa­tion View and, while the idea is hardly new or unique to, it is some­thing of a Mar­mite fea­ture: peo­ple ei­ther love it or hate it. To dis­able it, first click the Set­tings cog at the top right of your win­dow. In the ‘Quick set­tings’ pane that ap­pears, look for the ‘Con­ver­sa­tion view’ head­ing. If it’s there, click to se­lect Off then click the cross to close ‘Quick set­tings’. If not, scroll to the bot­tom of ‘Quick set­tings’ and click ‘View full set­tings’ (see screen­shot). Now, in the left-hand pane, se­lect Email and then Lay­out. Un­der ‘Mes­sage or­gan­i­sa­tion’ click to se­lect ‘Show emails as in­di­vid­ual mes­sages’. Next, click Save fol­lowed by the cross to close the box. When you re­turn to your in­box, replies will once more be dis­played as dis­tinct mes­sages.

In ‘View full set­tings’ you can opt to show your emails as in­di­vid­ual mes­sages

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