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What you need: Eventsen­try Light; Any Win­dows ver­sion (XP to 10) Time re­quired: 30 min­utes

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Light is a free Pc-mon­i­tor­ing pro­gram that lets you set up email alerts for all kinds of ac­tiv­ity on your PC. For ex­am­ple, we’ll ex­plain how to cre­ate alerts when your PC’S drives are near­ing their stor­age limit. We’ll also show you how to set up alerts when­ever a pro­gram is in­stalled or unin­stalled, which can help iden­tify if any­one is mis­us­ing your PC.

STEP 1 To in­stall Eventsen­try Light, go to www.snipca. com/27356, click the blue Down­load Eventsen­try Light but­ton at the bot­tom, then run the down­loaded setup file. When the pro­gram opens for the first time, you can set up your email alerts. Tick En­able Email Alerts 1 and set your Email Vol­ume to Medium 2 . At the bot­tom, you can limit the num­ber of hourly alerts you want to re­ceive 3 . Click Next 4 , tick Eventsen­try Alerts and Generic Sys­tem Alerts, then click Next twice.

STEP 2 Next, set the email ad­dress to send 1 and re­ceive 2 alerts (both can be the same). You can re­ceive alerts on mul­ti­ple email ad­dresses (sep­a­rate each one with a comma). You’ll need to log into these ac­counts if you haven’t done so al­ready. Click Next 3 when you’ve fin­ished, untick ‘En­able Heart­beat Mon­i­tor­ing’, then keep click­ing Next to fin­ish the setup. When that’s done, tick Launch Man­age­ment Con­sole, click Fin­ish and close the Eventsen­try On­line Re­sources pop-up win­dow.

STEP 3 You’ll now see a win­dow with sev­eral drop­down menus on the left. Be­fore set­ting your alerts, you should test whether your email is set up prop­erly. To do that, click De­fault Email 1 be­low Ac­tions on the left. En­sure the sender and re­cip­i­ent email ad­dresses 2 are cor­rect, then click Send Test Email 3 . Click OK 4 on the pop-up mes­sage that ap­pears and check the email has ar­rived. To cus­tomise the font in the email alerts, click the Cus­tom­ize but­ton 5 and use the drop­down menus in the Font Op­tions sec­tion.

STEP 4 To set alerts warn­ing you your PC’S drives are low on stor­age space, click the fol­low­ing drop­down menus on the left in this or­der: Pack­ages, Sys­tem Health, Disk Space Er­ror, then click Disk Space 1 . By de­fault, the pro­gram mon­i­tors all drives on your PC 2 . If you want to only mon­i­tor spe­cific drives, then se­lect ‘Mon­i­tor only se­lected disk drives’ 3 and choose the rel­e­vant drives 4 .

STEP 5 The Lim­its sec­tion at the bot­tom lets you set pa­ram­e­ters for trig­ger­ing your alert. Tick the first two boxes in the Lim­its sec­tion 1 . By de­fault, you’ll re­ceive an alert when­ever your drive’s free space drops to be­low five per cent or 1GB (you can se­lect one or both). It’s a good idea to set this to a higher value – we rec­om­mend 15 per cent 2 or 15GB 3 . En­sure that both the ‘Log as’ drop­down menus are set to Er­ror 4 . Fi­nally, click the Alerts but­ton 5 to set this up as an event log alert.

STEP 6 Here, change the Pack­age drop­down menu to Email No­ti­fi­ca­tion 1 , then name your alert 2 . Next, in the Ac­tion drop­down menu, se­lect De­fault Email 3 , tick ‘Trig­ger all ac­tions’ 4 , then click Next 5 . Name your event log alert on the next page (we named it ‘Disk Space Alert’), then click Fin­ish. To see all your alerts, ex­pand the Pack­ages drop­down menu on the left, click Event Logs, then Eventsen­try Alerts. You’ll see op­tions to delete or re­name your alerts at the top left of the pro­gram.

STEP 7 We’ll now show you how to set up alerts ev­ery time a pro­gram is in­stalled or unin­stalled, and if any in­stalled pro­grams au­to­mat­i­cally start up with your PC. Click the fol­low­ing drop­down menus on the left in this or­der: Pack­ages, Sys­tem Health, In­ven­tory, then Soft­ware/hard­ware In­ven­tory 1 . Here, tick ‘De­tect when soft­ware is in­stalled or unin­stalled’ and ‘De­tect pro­grams added to Au­torun lo­ca­tions’ 2 . En­sure both the cor­re­spond­ing drop­down menus are set to Er­ror 3 . Fi­nally, click the Alerts but­ton 4 and re­peat Step 6 to cre­ate your event log alert. For other use­ful tips and FAQS, click the Home tab 5 , then click Help on the right. ●

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