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AN­DROID & IOS Find the quick­est route if you have mo­bil­ity prob­lems

Google re­cently added ‘wheel­chair sup­port’ as a new cat­e­gory in Google Maps. This fea­ture is great for find­ing the quick­est way to get from A to B if you have lim­ited mo­bil­ity. At present, the fea­ture is only avail­able in Lon­don in the UK, but Google has promised to add more lo­ca­tions soon.

To use the fea­ture, open Google Maps (de­fault on An­droid; IOS www.snipca. com/27373), type your des­ti­na­tion in the search bar at the top, then se­lect the cor­rect au­to­sug­gest op­tion in the list. Next, tap the Direc­tions but­ton at the bot­tom, then Op­tions at the top right.

If your route caters for wheel­chairs, you’ll see the op­tion un­der Routes at the bot­tom (see screenshot be­low left). Se­lect that op­tion, then tap Done. You’ll now see the quick­est route and the time it takes. Tap the route to get direc­tions.

AN­DROID & IOS Check how long an ar­ti­cle will take to read

There are sev­eral free apps that let you save web ar­ti­cles to read later (off­line) at your con­ve­nience. Pocket is our par­tic­u­lar favourite. The app has now added an in­di­ca­tion of how long each ar­ti­cle will take you to read be­side the name of the ar­ti­cle’s source (see screenshot be­low). This is handy if you’re trav­el­ling and would like to know which ar­ti­cle (or how many) you’ll have time to read be­fore you reach your des­ti­na­tion.

First, in­stall and open the app (An­droid; IOS www. and cre­ate an ac­count. You can save any web ar­ti­cle that’s open in your browser app by tap­ping the Share menu and se­lect­ing Pocket.

You can also save ar­ti­cles on your PC to Pocket with one click by in­stalling the ‘Save to Pocket’ browser ex­ten­sions in Chrome ( 27376), Fire­fox (de­fault) and Mi­crosoft Edge (

AN­DROID & IOS Delete sent What­sapp mes­sages for up to an hour

In Is­sue 515’s Phone and Tablet Tips, we cov­ered What­sapp Mes­sen­ger’s (An­droid; IOS new fea­ture that lets you delete mes­sages that you’ve re­cently sent. At that time, you could only delete mes­sages within seven min­utes of be­ing sent. This limit has now been ex­tended to an hour.

The process for delet­ing a text you’ve sent is as be­fore. Open the rel­e­vant con­tact/group con­ver­sa­tion. Tap and hold the mes­sage, tap the bin icon, then tap ‘Delete for Ev­ery­one’ (see screenshot above right). The con­tact/group mem­bers will see a ‘This mes­sage has been deleted’ no­ti­fi­ca­tion in place of your mes­sage.

AN­DROID Try apps and games be­fore in­stalling them

Google’s Play Store now of­fers a no-com­mit­ment trial of some apps (in­clud­ing games) with­out the need to in­stall them. This is a great way to find out if you like an app be­fore you al­low it onto your de­vice. Even bet­ter, you won’t need to cre­ate an ac­count or en­ter per­sonal de­tails for the app. You sim­ply start us­ing it, then – if you like it – in­stall it with one tap. Once you’ve in­stalled it, you may be prompted to cre­ate an ac­count if the app re­quires it.

Cur­rently only a few apps sup­port this fea­ture, but more will be added. If you see an app in the Play Store with the Try Now but­ton (see screenshot be­low), tap this to open the app. The con­tent will load and you’ll be able to use it as nor­mal. The In­stall but­ton at the top lets you in­stall the app if you like it.

IOS Use the new scrolling fea­ture to read Ama­zon ebooks

Ama­zon has added some use­ful new fea­tures to its Kin­dle app on ipads ( You can now scroll through ebooks when read­ing them and IOS 11’s Split Screen Mode lets you read your ebook while hav­ing an­other app open.

By de­fault, you need to swipe right or left to turn pages in the app, but you can now use the new scrolling mode in­stead. To en­able the mode, tap More at the bot­tom of the app, then Set­tings. Here, you’ll see op­tions to switch to Dark Mode, en­able page-turn an­i­ma­tions and dis­play the time while read­ing.

Next, tap the Con­tin­u­ous Scrolling slider (see screenshot right), the X icon at the top right, Li­brary at the bot­tom, then se­lect the ebook you want to read. To switch off scrolling for a par­tic­u­lar ebook, tap any­where on the screen, tap the ‘Aa’ icon at the top right, then tap the Con­tin­u­ous Scrolling slider at the bot­tom.

To use Split Screen View to open an­other app while read­ing, swipe up from the bot­tom of your screen to see your other apps. Tap and hold the one you want to open, then drag it to the right or left side of your de­vice. You’ll see both apps side by side. You can ad­just the po­si­tion of the di­vider be­tween both apps depend­ing on how you are us­ing each one.

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