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Back up your li­brary, store your books on­line, iden­tify and fix prob­lems with your ti­tles, and have Cal­i­bre read to you

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Ex­port/im­port your ebook li­brary

If you’ve spent some time build­ing up a li­brary in Cal­i­bre, the last thing you’d want to hap­pen is to lose it as a re­sult of hard-drive fail­ure or ac­ci­den­tal dele­tion. You can back up your li­brary for safe keep­ing (or copy­ing to an­other lo­ca­tion) by click­ing the ar­row next to Cal­i­bre Li­brary in the top menu bar, then se­lect­ing ‘Ex­port/im­port all cal­i­bre data’ (see screenshot be­low). The win­dow that opens will give you the op­tion to ‘Ex­port all your Cal­i­bre data’ or ‘Im­port pre­vi­ously ex­ported data’.

Store your li­brary on­line

Should you wish to be able to ac­cess your books from any­where, you can move your li­brary to the folder you use for an on­line-stor­age ser­vice like Drop­box, Google Drive or Onedrive. First, make sure you have a folder for the ser­vice you use on your hard drive. Then move your li­brary from its ex­ist­ing lo­ca­tion to there by click­ing the ar­row next to Cal­i­bre Li­brary and se­lect­ing ‘Switch/cre­ate li­brary’. Nav­i­gate to your on­line drive. You have the op­tion of us­ing the pre­vi­ous li­brary in the new lo­ca­tion, cre­at­ing an empty li­brary there, or mov­ing the cur­rent li­brary to this new folder (see screenshot be­low left).

Fix cov­ers and meta­data

If your li­brary is blighted with poor qual­ity cov­ers or in­cor­rect meta­data, you can use the Qual­ity Check plug-in to fix this. Click the ar­row next to Pref­er­ences, then se­lect ‘Get plug-ins to en­hance Cal­i­bre’. In the User Plug-ins win­dow that opens, type qual­ity into the ‘Fil­ter by name’ box. Se­lect Qual­ity Check and then click In­stall. Click Yes and choose where to save the short­cuts. Restart Cal­i­bre, and then run the plug-in and choose the var­i­ous checks you wish to per­form, such as check­ing cov­ers (see screenshot be­low). Some prob­lems can be fixed au­to­mat­i­cally, but not all.

Cre­ate a cat­a­logue of your en­tire li­brary

Cal­i­bre can ex­port de­tails of all the books in your li­brary into a cat­a­logue in a choice of for­mats. The in­for­ma­tion the file con­tains in­cludes book name, au­thor name, com­ments, cover lo­ca­tion on your hard drive, book for­mat, ISBN, pub­lisher, rat­ing, and tags. To ex­port this list, click the ar­row next to ‘Con­vert books’ and se­lect ‘Cre­ate a cat­a­logue of the books in your Cal­i­bre li­brary’. You can choose the cat­a­logue for­mat – AZW3, BIB, CSV (for open­ing in any spread­sheet pro­gram, see screenshot right) EPUB, MOBI or XML – and have the cat­a­logue ap­pear at the be­gin­ning of your li­brary for easy ac­cess. It can be sent to a con­nected ebook reader, or saved to disk.

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