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Sil­i­con Val­ley thinks it came up with the ‘shar­ing econ­omy’ – the utopian idea that some­how, if we all muck in to­gether, we can share our cars, our homes and even our skills for the greater good of ev­ery­one. But women have known about the shar­ing econ­omy for a lot longer than that. We’re hard-wired to share. We share our make-up bags with strangers in toi­lets, we share our highs (and lows) with col­leagues at work, we share our bat­tered hearts with friends we have known for­ever and our bold, res­ur­rected sex lives with... well, some­times those we have only just met. Women share be­cause we know, al­most in­stinc­tively, that it is emo­tional suc­cour. We know that if we store it up and spread it around, it’s go­ing to serve us well in the long run. Share your knowl­edge, share a de­li­cious, suc­cu­lent piece of gos­sip, or sim­ply share a solid shoul­der to cry on, and you con­nect, like pieces of a jig­saw, to some­thing great and won­drous. You con­nect into the vir­tu­ous cir­cle of woman. It is a club of sorts, yes, but not a club in the mod­ern sense of the word. There is no im­pe­rial vel­vet rope on the out­side and no snotty one-up­man­ship once you’re in­side. There is only one sim­ple ac­cess to en­try and it is this: share what life has taught you in the hope that it will nour­ish oth­ers. This is the rea­son why women on this very mag­a­zine will share things you may not read any­where else. It is the rea­son why our se­nior ed­i­tor, Ca­tri­ona Innes, has shared her story of grow­ing up with a trans­gen­der par­ent, and why our ju­nior writer, Jen­nifer Savin, has talked about her own ex­pe­ri­ence of sex­ual con­sent and its myr­iad com­plex­i­ties. We share not be­cause it’s what good jour­nal­ists do, but be­cause it’s what good women do. So the pieces of ad­vice I’d like to pass on then are th­ese: be kind. Be the first per­son to help and the last to take. Chas­tise in pri­vate, praise in pub­lic. And al­ways, al­ways ad­mit when you’re wrong (and never shout about it when you’re right). They are sim­ple, al­most clichéd pieces of ad­vice, but they work. They work be­cause they have been passed down from women who have learned them all first-hand. And so I would like to add one last piece of ad­vice: share. Share the good and the bad. Share it with no ex­pec­ta­tion other than per­haps, one day, it will help a woman out there who is in need of an­swers. Now that’s some­thing even Sil­i­con Val­ley couldn’t dream up.


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