“We burned the re­la­tion­ship out”

Adam, 26, is a food blogger from Lon­don

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Emily and I first crossed paths at a mu­tual friend’s pool party. It was sum­mer, ev­ery­one was in swimwear and the booze was flow­ing. There was a bunch of us in the jacuzzi, but Emily and I hit it off so well that even­tu­ally they all got out and left us to it. Af­ter­wards, I went back to Lon­don, but a few days later I got a mes­sage from her. She said she was com­ing down soon, so we ar­ranged to meet. I’d be ly­ing if I said I wasn’t ner­vous – I was hop­ing it was a date but I wasn’t sure. She turned up in a black dress and heels, and we went to Covent Gar­den for din­ner, then on to a club. She stayed over, then one day turned to two, two to three, and that turned into a whole week. From then on we saw each other con­stantly. She ticked a lot of boxes: she’s spon­ta­neous, ad­ven­tur­ous, and any­thing but bor­ing. She has beau­ti­ful blue eyes and al­ways looks pris­tine. Within a few months, we were of­fi­cial. Emily is the first and only girl I’ve ever loved. But af­ter nine months, we be­gan to bicker, which de­vel­oped into reg­u­lar ar­gu­ments. Emily didn’t work when she was at mine, so she had too much time on her hands to think about stupid things. We burned the re­la­tion­ship out; it was like five years con­densed into 18 months. Be­cause the break-up was so cold – there was no clo­sure or clar­ity – I was in two minds about see­ing her again. Was it a good idea to re­visit some­thing I’d left be­hind? I don’t like what-ifs, so I needed to know. I was so happy to see her again – we didn’t stop talk­ing. She wel­comed me with open arms, and the whole meal was per­fect.

Each month, we send two former lovers on a date to see what hap­pens

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