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Han­nah and Justin Floyd are the mar­ried cou­ple be­hind Solid­wool. they have cre­ated this unique com­pos­ite ma­te­rial – sim­i­lar to fi­bre­glass but made with sus­tain­able and nat­u­ral wool – and turned it into chairs and ta­bles. From their stu­dio in a dis­used wool mill in Buck­fastleigh, on the edge of Dart­moor, Han­nah tells us more...

How did you get into this area of de­sign? Justin and I met 12 years ago in Devon, where we both worked in prod­uct de­sign and mar­ket­ing. and we de­cided to use our de­sign skills in a more cre­ative way.

What or who in­spires you? solid­wool was in­spired by Buck­fastleigh, once a thriv­ing part of the wool in­dus­try. It gave us the idea of look­ing for a new way of work­ing with wool. What is your aim and what do you hope to achieve?

our aim is to make a 100% nat­u­ral wool com­pos­ite ma­te­rial. we use the wool from herd­wick sheep. It only sells for 30-40p per kg and we’re keen to up its value. How long does it take to cre­ate a piece of fur­ni­ture and how do you do it? The process is our trade se­cret! Each hem­bury chair, £395, takes about four hours to make from start to fin­ish. we also have the hem­bury side ta­ble, £245.

What do you love about what you do? Turn­ing a raw, nat­u­ral re­source into a ma­te­rial with re­newed value. What’s next for the brand?

It’s about work­ing on the tech­nol­ogy and a range that’s sim­i­lar to coloured fi­bre­glass, but with Dart­moor’s scotch Black­face sheep’s wool and a resin. Solid­wool, 01364 643434, solid­wool. com.

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