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You may think that the colour of pan­els is lim­ited to tra­di­tional bright blue, but there is now a whole range of fin­ishes and tones that fit in with dif­fer­ent build­ings. Some pan­els even have a mar­bled colour to mimic the dap­pled shade of trees. But be care­ful—un­usual colours may be less ef­fi­cient at pro­duc­ing en­ergy. You no longer have to choose a one-size-fits-all panel; a se­lec­tion of shapes and sizes means that, with clever po­si­tion­ing, pan­els can blend in nicely. It’s im­por­tant to think about how they fit with the fea­tures of your roof, such as sky­lights and win­dows. And, if you’re wor­ried about pan­els spoil­ing a slate roof, there are also ‘so­lar slates’, which look like the real thing. Tra­di­tional so­lar pan­els are mounted on rails at­tached to the roof. A clean look can be achieved if the pan­els sit as flush with your roof as pos­si­ble. Build­ing so­lar pan­els into the roof it­self solves this prob­lem com­pletely, but ‘in-roof’ so­lar can be dif­fi­cult to in­stall in ex­ist­ing build­ings. An al­ter­na­tive is thin so­lar film, which can be ap­plied onto glass to cre­ate trans­par­ent ‘so­lar glaz­ing’— great for green­houses or con­ser­va­to­ries. De­fra Sec­re­tary An­drea Lead­som has called for Bri­tain’s young­sters to ‘en­gage with coun­try­side mat­ters’ and take up jobs cur­rently done by EU mi­grants, such as fruit-pick­ing and farm labour.

In agri­cul­ture alone, the UK ben­e­fits from more than 30,000 per­ma­nent and 67,000 sea­sonal over­seas work­ers. They ‘play a cru­cial role in the ru­ral econ­omy, not least in farm­ing and the whole food chain,’ says CLA pres­i­dent Ross Mur­ray, who sug­gests the in­tro­duc­tion of ‘a sea­sonal agri­cul­tural work­ers’ scheme post-brexit, en­abling peo­ple to en­ter the UK for a spe­cific job, for a set pe­riod of time without the right to re­main after­wards’.

Speak­ing at the Con­ser­va­tive Party Con­fer­ence in Birm­ing­ham last week, Mrs Lead­som made clear that, al­though there is no in­ten­tion to de­port any­one, ‘be­fore we joined the EU, we had a very good pro­gramme of sea­sonal work­ers’ li­cences and it is not beyond the wit of man to have such a thing in fu­ture’.

With clever po­si­tion­ing, pan­els can blend in nicely, even on listed build­ings Colour Shape and size In­stal­la­tion It’s im­por­tant that pan­els fit with roof fea­tures such as sky­lights

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