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Gill Meller (Quadrille, £25) Gill is a chap, chef at the River Cot­tage. His book is a bit pre­ten­tious and goody-goody, but the dishes are in­spir­ing. How­ever, you need loads of cheek to for­age other peo­ple’s wild gar­lic and find­ing squir­rel to roast isn’t easy. An­drew Mont­gomery’s pho­to­graphs make it all worth­while.

Food for All Sea­sons

Oliver Rowe (Faber & Faber, £20) The au­thor worked at Moro with ex­pe­ri­ence at Chez Panisse in Cal­i­for­nia. His book also re­lies on fash­ion­able for­ag­ing for rose­hips, med­lars and, again, wild gar­lic. Like other chefs, he just as­sumes we can buy fresh wild mush­rooms.

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