The Edi­tor’s Easter Quiz

Spring is in the air and all we can think about is be­ing out­doors, but how much do you know about the great Bri­tish coun­try­side? An­swers on page 112

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Have you had too many Easter eggs to take it on?

Let’s go out­side

1 Which Vic­to­rian novel be­gins ‘There was no pos­si­bil­ity of tak­ing a walk that day’? 2 Where are a but­ter­fly’s taste sen­sors lo­cated? 3 Des­ig­nated in 1951, which was Bri­tain’s first na­tional park? 4 With which part of the UK is the gar­dener’s wooden trug as­so­ci­ated? 5 In re­la­tion to hunt­ing, what is a stern? 6 Which is the long­est river in the UK? 7 Which Bri­tish cat­tle breed has a white belt? 8 In which county would you find the Na­tional Trust’s Cerne Gi­ant? 9 Used to guard sheep, what are Vicugna pa­cos more com­monly known as? 10 Bog­gis, Bunce and Bean are char­ac­ters from which chil­dren’s book?

All about Easter

11 Which horse won the 2009 Grand Na­tional with odds of 100–1? 12 What is ool­ogy the study of? 13 Down­ton Abbey was filmed at the coun­try-house seat of which fam­ily? 14 Start­ing with the small­est, or­der these shot­gun bores ac­cord­ing to size: .410; 12; 20 15 Mo­hair comes from which an­i­mal? 16 Which word be­gin­ning with C can re­fer to a build­ing ma­te­rial, a stocky horse or a loaf of bread? 17 Which of these crops is not grown in the UK: hemp, maize or rice? 18 The con­tainer ship MSC Napoli ran aground on which Bri­tish beach in 2007? 19 What was the Ex­moor Em­peror? 1 At which of her res­i­dences does The Queen tra­di­tion­ally spend Easter? 2 Which pyra­mi­dal pud­ding, con­sist­ing of foods for­bid­den dur­ing Lent, is served in Rus­sia at Easter? 3 Which an­nual race be­tween mem­bers of the House of Com­mons, the House of Lords and the Fourth Es­tate takes place on Shrove Tues­day? 4 Early Chris­tians in Me­sopotamia stained the first Easter eggs with which colour?

5 Easter Is­land is in which ocean? 20 Pur­ple Majesty is a va­ri­ety of which veg­etable? 21 There are three na­tive snake species in the UK, in­clud­ing adders and grass snakes—what is the third? 22 In which Welsh moun­tain range would you find Lord Here­ford’s Knob? 23 A cow’s stom­ach has how many com­part­ments? 24 Wordsworth ad­dressed which bird with the words ‘shall I call thee Bird, Or but a wandering voice’? 25 Helianthus is more com­monly known as what? 26 Which build­ings were tra­di­tion­ally used for dry­ing hops? 27 What is the name for a group of badgers? 28 Which English county has the long­est coast­line? 29 The lo­gan­berry is a hy­brid of which two soft fruits? 30 On which Outer He­bridean is­land can Europe’s largest puf­fin colony be found?

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