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If your legs need an ex­tra boost of power, whether to run for the bus, keep up with a Zumba class or just to help climb the stairs, then try eat­ing more beet­root. The pur­ple veg is rich in ni­trates, which in­crease the en­ergy avail­able to mus­cle cells in the body. A re­cent study by the Uni­ver­sity of Ex­eter found that peo­ple who drank whole beet­root juice were able to sprint two per cent faster over 20 me­tres than those who drank it with the ni­trates re­moved. Pre­vi­ous stud­ies have shown that con­sum­ing beet­root can in­crease stamina, so you can ex­er­cise for longer, but this study shows it also helps mus­cles gen­er­ate power for short, in­tense bursts of ac­tiv­ity. If you’re not a fan of the veg­etable, you could also en­hance your ni­trate in­take with kale, spinach and rocket.

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