Had enough of be­ing over­weight?

Hands up all those who feel they’re in a con­stant bat­tle to achieve and main­tain the weight they want to be. How many di­ets have you tried and failed, feel­ing to­tally frus­trated and not know­ing what to do next?

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Hav­ing had a weight prob­lem for 35 years, Rachel was des­per­ate to find a way of be­ing able to lose weight once and for all. ‘I had just about re­signed my­self to the fact that I would be over­weight for the rest of my life, when I came across the prin­ci­ples of the Meta­bolic Weight Loss Pro­gramme. I fol­lowed these and to my amaze­ment, I lost 3 stone in just over 3 months and then went on to suc­cess­fully main­tain my weight. The re­lief was enor­mous to have found some­thing that fi­nally worked for me.’ Rachel be­came pas­sion­ate about want­ing to help as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble with their weight prob­lems, which led her to be­come a qual­i­fied weight loss con­sul­tant. In the last 12 years, she has helped over 4,000 clients from all walks of life to help bring their di­et­ing days to an end once and for all. Clients’ ages range from 8 to 90 years, so there is hope for ev­ery­one!

A sus­tain­able way to lose your weight and keep it off

One of the pop­u­lar as­pects of the Meta­bolic Weight Loss Pro­gramme is there’s noth­ing fad­dish about it. There are no meal re­place­ments, diet shakes or diet pills. All the foods on the pro­gramme are eas­ily ob­tain­able. Clients fre­quently say just how easy it is to fol­low, they don’t feel hun­gry and are not hav­ing to con­stantly bat­tle with crav­ings. The four stages of the pro­gramme are tailored as nec­es­sary to pro­vide the max­i­mum re­sults for each client. ‘This isn’t an open-ended slim­ming club,’ says Rachel. ‘We set your tar­get weight at the be­gin­ning and then get on with the busi­ness of help­ing you lose the weight, ad­dress­ing any dif­fi­cul­ties along the way, then we help you keep it off – for good!’

One-to-one sup­port

Rachel and her team give weekly one-to-one con­sul­ta­tions, guid­ing you through the pro­gramme with per­son­alised sup­port, lots of em­pa­thy and to­tal con­vic­tion in the suc­cess of the pro­gramme. Email

sup­port is avail­able in be­tween con­sul­ta­tions. For those who are not able to visit, a very suc­cess­ful re­mote sup­port ser­vice is pro­vided through­out the UK and over­seas.

With an av­er­age weight loss of 7-14lb a month for clients and hun­dreds of hand writ­ten tes­ti­mo­ni­als, Rachel’s re­sults speak for them­selves.

Clients of­ten com­ment on how im­pressed their doc­tors are with their re­sults. ‘My doc­tor is very happy– I’ve been able to come off blood pres­sure and choles­terol med­i­ca­tion,’ says one. An­other doc­tor said, ‘All my lady pa­tients on thy­roid med­i­ca­tion are strug­gling to lose weight, but you’ve lost 2 ½ stone de­spite be­ing on thy­roxin – well done!’ With an av­er­age weight loss of 7-14lb a month for clients and hun­dreds of hand writ­ten tes­ti­mo­ni­als, Rachel’s re­sults speak for them­selves. ‘I see real re­sults daily, time af­ter time I see peo­ple’s lives change in front of me.’

Rachel of­fers free con­sul­ta­tions for those who are want­ing to lose their weight once and for all

Rachel Rick­etts 01342 327396 Email rachel@rachel­rick­ettsweight­loss.co.uk www.rachel­rick­ettsweight­loss.co.uk

Rachel Rick­etts, Weight Loss Con­sul­tant

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