Feel­ing tired, ir­ri­ta­ble or crav­ing sweet things? Use th­ese nat­u­ral ways to keep hor­mones in check and re­store your in­ner har­mony

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Dis­cover nat­u­ral ways to keep your hor­mones in check


When you’re un­der pres­sure, cor­ti­sol is re­leased, along with adrenaline, to give you a spike of en­ergy. How­ever, too much stress over a sus­tained pe­riod means that cor­ti­sol lev­els re­main high, which can lead to ir­ri­tabil­ity, anx­i­ety, fa­tigue and ten­sion.

We can’t al­ways elim­i­nate stress from our lives, but we can help re­duce its ef­fect on the body. “If your blood sugar lev­els fluc­tu­ate (as they do for most women), your body will be re­leas­ing adrenaline and cor­ti­sol, which are the same hor­mones it re­leases when you’re un­der stress,” says nutri­tion­ist Dr Mar­i­lyn Glenville. Try eat­ing some­thing ev­ery three hours dur­ing the day to help keep blood sugar and en­ergy lev­els sta­ble, and avoid too much caf­feine, which has a stim­u­lat­ing ef­fect and trig­gers the re­lease of cor­ti­sol and adrenaline.

Tak­ing a mix of vi­ta­mins and herbs can also help to re­duce stress lev­els, says Dr Glenville – B vi­ta­mins, es­pe­cially B5, for stress relief and en­ergy; mag­ne­sium, which is of­ten re­ferred to as ‘na­ture’s tran­quil­liser’, for re­lax­ation and sleep; chromium for bal­anc­ing blood sugar; Siberian gin­seng, which acts as a tonic to the adrenal glands; and L-thea­nine for re­duc­ing stress and anx­i­ety. Try NHP Tran­quil Woman Sup­port (£24.77 for 90 cap­sules, nat­u­ral­health­prac­ con­tains all of th­ese in one handy sup­ple­ment.

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