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HEN THE BOOT BUT­LER fi­first ar­rived at CW, we were as scep­ti­cal as you might be as you start read­ing this. But then we took it out. And now we think it might ac­tu­ally be ge­nius.

The Boot But­ler (£30) is for any­one who a) hates get­ting soggy socks when chang­ing from

shoes to walk­ing boots and back again and/or b) has is­sues with bend­ing down to do the same.

It’s a sturdy wooden ramp with two non-slip foot­plates. Set your foot on the top plate to undo your shoe (or boot), then use the cupped end to help pull your shoe or boot off. Then flip the plate up, re­veal­ing a sec­ond pad, on which you can rest your be­socked foot while you get your change of footwear ready.

Fi­nally, close the panel and put the new shoe on us­ing the outer plate.

It means your socks stay dry and clean, and it helps you reach the lac­ing more eas­ily.

And as any shoe-fit­ter in the world will tell you, it’s good to put on a walk­ing boot this way, as it en­sures your heel nes­tles snugly into the heel cup, giv­ing you the most se­cure fit (that’s why shoe shops use ramps).

So al­though we laughed at first, we’re now keep­ing it proudly in the car boot – and in a wet, muddy car park in midwinter, we’re re­ally quite glad of it.  www.boot­but­ The di­a­gram ex­plains it all: top pad for mucky footwear; an in­ner pad for dry socks.

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