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How old are you are where are you from?

I’m 11 and I’m from Manchester. I’m in year six at St Mary’s Pri­mary School.

How did you hear about #walk1000miles and what made you want to do it?

Mm mum told me about it. I like a chal­lenge so I de­cided to do it and get out in the fresh air more.

What fit­ness or out­doors in­ter­ests did you have, if any, be­fore do­ing the chal­lenge?

I play football and basketball oc­ca­sion­ally and I spend a lot of time draw­ing. But I’d never done much walk­ing be­fore.

How did you record your miles?

With a Kar­ri­mor pe­dome­ter I wear all the time. I bought it from Sports Di­rect – it was only cheap but mum says it was spot on with mileage.

What was it like in your first 100 or miles?

Very dif­fi­cult, I’d never walked that far and we cov­ered that quite quickly in the be­gin­ning. My legs hurt!

What changes have you no­ticed as a re­sult of do­ing the chal­lenge?

I feel health­ier, and feel I could walk a lot fur­ther now.

What do your friends think of you do­ing this chal­lenge, and how did they re­act to you com­plet­ing it?

They were very sur­prised and gave me lots of praise!

Do you think there is much be gained by more young peo­ple do­ing the chal­lenge, and why?

Yes: it gets their legs used to rough ground and it gets them off their de­vices. They’ll also spend a lot more time with their fam­ily and will be able to walk fur­ther and feel bet­ter.

What’s your advice to any­one your age who might be in­ter­ested in do­ing it?

Just try your best, you’ll sur­prise your­self. And IT’S THE EF­FORT THAT COUNTS.

What are your stand-out mem­o­ries from your 1000 miles?

I have lots! All of this chal­lenge has been com­pleted with my mum, and she al­ways gets lost! I re­mem­ber get­ting lost at North Stack in An­gle­sey. We al­ways have fun when we get lost though be­cause it makes us feel like we’re on an ad­ven­ture, which we are in a way. I also re­mem­ber mum say­ing that it was snow­ing in the Peak Dis­trict, and that was it – we had our cram­pons on and were on our way be­fore we knew it. The drive there was scary as the roads hadn’t been grit­ted, but we had so much fun in the snow hav­ing snow ball fights.

Did any­thing go wrong, or were there any low points along the way?

Yes, it came to a point where I just started to get bored and wanted to stay in­side. But when I went out again I re­alised why I loved it so much.

What’s your next am­bi­tion?

To do 2017 miles be­fore the end of the year.

Alex shows off his #walk1000miles cer­tifi­cate on a hol­i­day to New York. WELL TRAV­ELLED Our young hero sure does like to get around.

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