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Chelsea Louise Hay­den, 26, Llan­gollen I’ve tried other things but I al­ways come back to walk­ing – be­cause you can take off when­ever you like, you don’t need any fancy or ex­pen­sive kit and it’s a free way to en­joy na­ture. I wanted to take the chal­lenge up be­cause for the last few years I’ve had in mind that I want to re­train as a hill and moor­land leader but in all hon­estly, I didn’t think my fit­ness or con­fi­dence was up to it! Walk­ing nearly ev­ery day has showed me oth­er­wise and now I’m do­ing it! I feel so healthy! Phys­i­cally I’ve seen a big dif­fer­ence. I had asthma as a child and some­times I get it now but walk­ing has cer­tainly in­creased my lung ca­pac­ity. My calf mus­cles are like a rugby player’s – I can’t fit them into my wellies! I don’t shy away from the steeper hills and my pace has in­creased. I hon­estly be­lieve walk­ing and be­ing out­doors helps me with my men­tal re­silience too. Walk­ing has give me a sense of free­dom and self-con­fi­dence – and a fresh per­spec­tive. I’ve seen hun­dreds of miles of rolling coun­try­side, dra­matic coasts, stun­ning sun­sets, thick foggy nights and snow, down­pours and gale-force winds, trees clothed in fresh leaves, wild flow­ers sprout­ing, kestrels fly­ing high – oh my word, what a jour­ney!

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