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Fu­ji­non XF1024mm f/4 R OIS RRP £949

An ul­tra-wide lens helps you squeeze more of your sur­round­ings into the frame, so Fu­ji­film’s XF10-24mm f/4 wide-an­gle zoom is a bril­liant choice for land­scapes. It has a 35mm film equiv­a­lent fo­cal length of 15-36mm, and its 2.4x op­ti­cal zoom gives users the op­tion of shoot­ing wide, or su­per-wide. It’s not al­ways ideal to carry a tri­pod when you’re out and about, so you’ll be glad to hear that it boasts pow­er­ful Op­ti­cal Im­age Sta­bil­i­sa­tion (OIS) to re­duce cam­era-shake when shoot­ing hand-held. It has a bright max­i­mum aper­ture of f/4 which is con­stantly the widest aper­ture value at both ends of the zoom. It also has an in­ner fo­cus­ing sys­tem and step­ping mo­tor for a rapid and quiet aut­o­fo­cus ac­tion. The min­i­mum fo­cus­ing dis­tance of 24cm is ideal for na­ture macro im­ages.

Fu­ji­non XF1855mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS RRP £719

18-55mm is an ideal fo­cal length for many shoot­ing sce­nar­ios, and as such many kit lenses adopt this zoom range. This XF18-55mm is es­sen­tially a ramped-up kit lens, tak­ing on a much wider aper­ture value of f/2.8 at the wide 18mm end, and f/4 at the tele­photo 55mm mark. This al­lows bet­ter light gath­er­ing for faster fo­cus­ing and shoot­ing at faster shut­ter speeds. Aut­o­fo­cus can be achieved in just 0.1sec, so you’ll never miss a mo­ment. The AF also has a silent oper­a­tion so it’s suit­able for video record­ing as well as tak­ing photos. The aper­ture is made from a seven-bladed round di­aphragm for smoother, cir­cu­lar bokeh (out-of-fo­cus highlights) too. Op­ti­cal Im­age Sta­bil­i­sa­tion (OIS) has been in­cluded for shake-free shots when shoot­ing hand-held.

Fu­ji­non XF18135mm f3.5-5.6 WR LM R OIS RRP £759

If you like to cut down on weight and bulk, then it can be a good idea to travel with just one lens. An op­tic with a ver­sa­tile zoom, such as Fu­ji­film’s XF18-135mm f/3.55.6, boasts an 18mm widean­gle per­fect for land­scapes, and a long tele­photo 135mm zoom, great for get­ting tighter com­po­si­tions or shoot­ing nearby wildlife. Its WR badge means the lens is fully weather sealed, so you can carry on shoot­ing even if the heav­ens open. Cam­erashake is mag­ni­fied when shoot­ing at longer fo­cal lengths, but fear not as this lens im­ple­ments a com­pre­hen­sive 5-stop Op­ti­cal Im­age Sta­bil­i­sa­tion (OIS) sys­tem to com­bat blur and pro­duce crisp im­ages. Large zoom and fo­cus rings around the lens bar­rel make it feel com­fort­able and se­cure in your hand too.

Fu­ji­non XF55200mm f/3.5-4.8 R LM OIS RRP £719

Need to get closer to your sub­ject? You need look no fur­ther than Fu­ji­film’s XF55200mm f/3.5-4.8. The zoom is equiv­a­lent to 84-305mm in film terms and com­ple­ments an 18-55mm kit lens. It’s ideal for shoot­ing long lens land­scapes, far away wildlife or macro shots like in­sects. Built for su­perb im­age qual­ity, the XF55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 fea­tures an ar­ray of Fu­ji­non’s low dis­per­sion (ED and Su­per ED) el­e­ments to in­crease clar­ity. There’s a large zoom ring around the lens bar­rel which makes the lens com­fort­able to use and easy to change the fo­cal length when you’re in a hurry. The man­ual fo­cus ring is easy to find, placed at the front of the bar­rel, and a pow­er­ful 4.5-stop Op­ti­cal Im­age Sta­biliser (OIS) sys­tem re­duces cam­era-shake when you’re shoot­ing hand-held.

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