There are few joys as sim­ple and ex­hil­a­rat­ing as fly­ing a brightly coloured kite in the breeze. For great fam­ily fun, build your own toy craft with this easy step-by-step

Countryfile Magazine - - Make A Kite - By Joe Pon­tin Il­lus­trated by: Liam O’Far­rell

Af­ter an hour of quiet con­cen­tra­tion, snip­ping, glu­ing and ty­ing, it was made. My youngest child was de­lighted. Slow time spent with a par­ent is pre­cious to a seven year old, and the feel­ing is mu­tual.

Warn­ing that it might not fly – might crash and fall to pieces – I took her out the back gate, over the meadow, our pock­ets stuffed with tape and string and crepe pa­per for run­ning re­pairs.

My kind of kite-mak­ing, I ad­mit, is not an ex­act sci­ence, and there may be bet­ter kite de­signs out there than the di­a­mond on the fol­low­ing page. But I wanted to start with some­thing easy. I lack the pa­tience to learn new knots and to un­tan­gle knot­ted in­struc­tions.

Our di­a­mond, with coax­ing, took jerk­ily to the skies and hoisted it­self up, where it bobbed and trem­bled, ner­vously, like a puppy on a leash.

To my daugh­ter, it was a kind of mir­a­cle.

Af­ter a while, the wind dropped and it came crash­ing to earth. We scooped up the bedrag­gled re­mains and walked home, hand in hand and happy. At the back door, the lit­tle one an­nounced to her mother: “It flied! It flied!”

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