Acts of Cy­cling Stu­pid­ity

Cycling Weekly - - Last Laugh -

An old joke:

Some aliens ar­rived on Earth, and were keen to in­ves­ti­gate cy­cling. They opened up the head of a road racer. It was full of wires, flash­ing lights, mi­crochips and cir­cuit boards. They de­cided that was too com­pli­cated, and looked for some­thing sim­pler to start their in­ves­ti­ga­tion.

So they opened up the head of a time tri­al­list. There was only a sin­gle thin wire from one side of his skull to the other. Cu­ri­ous, they snipped the wire in half.

The time tri­al­list’s ears fell off.

One track mind: the time tri­al­list

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