Muc-off Team Sky Hy­dro­dy­namic Lube

£16 for 50ml,

Cyclist - - New Gear -

‘There are times in races that you hear a lot of other teams’ bikes creak­ing and crank­ing,’ says Sir Brad. ‘And to me that’s fric­tion, and to me that’s slow­ing you down.’ Muc-off clearly agreed, and de­vel­oped a wax-based lube to achieve that holy har­mony betwixt low fric­tion, dura­bil­ity and for­eign ingress, with the lit­eral drip­down tech reach­ing con­sumer level with this, its Hy­dro­dy­namic Lube. At £16 a pop it’s pricey, but then speed doesn’t come for free.

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