Shocked by ex­pe­ri­ence on a Val­leys train

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WE re­cently caught a lo­cal train from Tre­orchy to­wards the Cardiff area. It was a typ­i­cal muggy Welsh evening. Hav­ing not been on a train for some years, I was shocked at the ser­vice. The train it­self was clean, the con­duc­tor was a nice enough fel­low, and for the first part of the jour­ney it was also en­joy­able peer­ing out of the large win­dows as we moved along at high speed.

How­ever, as the train made its way down the val­ley to­wards the cap­i­tal, it started to fill up with pas­sen­gers. By the time we had ar­rived at Pon­typridd, it was full, with some peo­ple stand­ing. We then pulled into Tre­for­est and an­other hun­dred or so peo­ple got on, and be­fore I knew it, peo­ple were crammed into the two car­riages. Trust me, even sar­dines would think that it’s a bit much.

I got up to give an el­derly woman my seat and a gen­tle­man who was stand­ing next to me said that this standard of ser­vice was reg­u­lar. I was shocked. We then got off at Cardiff Cen­tral rail­way sta­tion and I felt re­lieved to leave this night­mare be­hind us. But then I re­mem­bered we had to catch the train back up the val­ley later on that evening...

Rid­ing on a train should be an en­joy­able ex­pe­ri­ence and we should have a bet­ter train ser­vice. Peo­ple are not sar­dines and I think it is dan­ger­ous to be stand­ing up on such a fast-mov­ing ve­hi­cle. It is only a mat­ter of time be­fore some­one gets hurt.

If the rail com­pany added an ad­di­tional car­riage or two to the train that we were rid­ing on, then it would have been a won­der­ful ex­pe­ri­ence. I don’t think that it would even cost that much in ad­di­tional diesel to do this, ei­ther.

I will only rarely be rid­ing on the train in the fu­ture, if at all. This will only be after the train com­pany has put its hand in its pocket and has bought some ad­di­tional rolling stock.

Tre­orchy rail­way sta­tion

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