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THE Olde Ex­press is now stoked up and get­ting the old wheels turn­ing and chuff­ing along with a tremen­dous away win at fortress Dag­gers B.

Peter Locke 132, 140, Dar­ren Locke and Dean Thomas 134 got the Ex­press rolling along with a hold in the open­ing triples over Karl Manns, War­ren Rees, and Derek Dob­bins 100 but the Dag­gers struck back in the sec­ond triples with John Ter­rett 140, Kevin Down­ing and Dai Phelps suc­cess­fully hold­ing over Wayne Tit­comb, Steve Ni­cholas and Brian Ni­cholas for a level game ahead of the pairs legs.

The away side re­gained the lead in the first pairs with Peter Locke and Steve Ni­cholas 100, 99 out over­com­ing the chal­lenge of Phil Mor­ris 100 and Lloyd Davies and then the score­line read 3-1 in the visitors’ favour with Dean Thomas 125 and Brian Ni­cholas break­ing the throw of Kevin Down­ing and Karl Manns. The fi­nal pairs leg saw Dereck Dob­bins 135 and Dai Phelps 100, 180 in great from to break Dar­ren Locke 100 and Wayne Tit­comb and pull the home side back to within a point head­ing into the match-de­cid­ing sin­gles bat­tles.

The first sin­gles saw Peter “The Great” Locke 2x100, 140, 180, 76 out, in­clud­ing a 14-dart leg, break Lloyd Davies (2-0) putting the Ex­press 4-2 ahead which then be­came 5-2 with Dar­ren Locke 3x100, 139, 140 hold­ing (2-0) over a bat­tling War­ren Rees 121, 180. Brian Ni­cholas 4x100 com­pleted a bat­tling break (2-1) over John Ter­rett 4x100 fur­ther in­creas­ing the Ex­press’s lead and a fol­low­ing hold from Steve Ni­cholas 2x100, 135, 140 (2-0) over Dai Phelps 3x100 put the visitors 7-2 ahead. Phil Mor­ris 2x100 scored a splen­did 2-0 hold over Dean Thomas 121 putting a third point on the board for the home side with Wayne Tit­comb 100 then com­plet­ing the win with a 2-0 hold over a stunned Dereck Dob­bins 3x100, 134.

HEOLGERRIG SO­CIAL CLUB ............................... 4 GUEST KEEN BOWLS CLUB A ........................... 7

THE home side got off to an ex­cel­lent start with Colin Mor­gan, Trad Davies and Meirion Evans break­ing the throw of Phil Williams, Lyn­don Price and Justin Davies 100 apiece but the lead was quickly cut short with Jamie Evans 100, An­drew Coombs and Dale Pinch get­ting the bet­ter of Ray Williams 100, Bob Watkins and Mike Evans in a hard fought game.

Justin Davies 3x100 and Phil Williams 2x100 were in splen­did form in the first pairs cruis­ing past Iory Haines and Trad Davies putting the visitors 2-1 ahead and then a break from Jamie Evans and Craig Mor­gan over Ray Williams 100 and Mike Evans 140 saw the Guest ex­pand their lead to 3-1. Colin Mor­gan 180 and Meirion Evans 100 took the last pairs leg for the home side with a break over Dale Pinch 2x100, 140 and Steve Thomas to re­duce the ar­rears to a sin­gle point go­ing into the match-de­cid­ing sin­gles match-ups.

The first sin­gles game saw vet­eran Iory Haines 2x100, 140 beat for­mer sin­gles cham­pion Jamie Evans 100, 140 by a 2-1 mar­gin to level the match at 3-3 but par­ity was brief as Phil Williams 3x100, 2x140 held throw (2-1) over Colin Mor­gan 115, 121, 140 putting the Guest 4-3 ahead but again the home side fought back with Mike Evans 3x100 beat­ing Steve Thomas (2-0) to level at 4-4. Dale Pinch 4x100 won a hard­fought bat­tle with Bob Watkins 3x100, 140 with a hold (2-1) gain­ing the lead for the visitors again and a fol­low­ing break from Justin Davies 3x100, 119 over Ray Williams 2x100 saw the Guest go 6-4 ahead. The fi­nal game went the way of the Guest with Craig Mor­gan 2x100, 123, 125 hold­ing (2-1) over Meirion Evans 3x100 in an­other closely fought en­counter.

MERTHYR LABOUR CLUB ............................... 5 BAILI-GLAS B ................ 6

GERAINT Thomas 121, Jeff Pearce 100, 105 and Steve Haman 100 held the open­ing triples over Ron Mor­gan, Chris Galleozzie 100 and Ja­son Bayn­ham for an early Baili lead but back came the Labour Club in the sec­ond game with Kevin Forbes 100, David Rowlands 140 and Gareth Dunn 140 get­ting the bet­ter of Matthew Quin­lan 100, An­drew Rough 100 and Mervyn Matthews for a level game ahead of the pairs.

Matthew Quin­lan 140 and An­drew Rough held throw in the first pairs over a bat­tling Kevin Forbes 100 and Gareth Dunn 100, 180 but back came the home side with Chris Galleozzie 100 and Ja­son Bayn­ham edg­ing past Steve Haman and Mervyn Matthews. The Baili then took a 3-2 lead head­ing into the sin­gles with Geraint Thomas 2x100, 70 out and Jeff Pearce 118 beat­ing David Rowlands and Kevin Ma­honey 100 apiece with a hold as the sides read­ied them­selves for the sin­gles en­coun­ters.

Gareth Dunn 3x100, 121 beat Geraint Thomas 100, 135 with a 2-0 hold lev­el­ling the con­test at 3-3 with An­drew Rough 3x100, 122, 140 then hold­ing (21) over Chris Galleozzie 2x100, 140, 180 edg­ing the Baili 4-3 ahead. Matthew Quin­lan 100, 139, 2x140, 180 fought back from a leg down to beat (2-1) Kevin Forbes 2x100, 180, 80 out, in­clud­ing a 15-dart first leg, to put the visitors 5-3 ahead. Ron Mor­gan 4x100 beat Jeff Pearce 2x140 with a splen­did 2-0 break and a hold, 2-1 from Ja­son Bayn­ham 3x100, 125, 135 over Mervyn Matthews 2x100, 180 saw the sides level at five apiece. The last game was a nip ’n’ tuck af­fair with Steve Haman hold­ing his nerve and throw to beat home skip­per David Rowlands 3x100, 121, 122, 140 by a 2-1 mar­gin and take the match 6-5 for a de­lighted and re­lived Baili side.

DIVI­SION TWO BAILI-GLAS A ................ 9 ABER­FAN SO­CIAL CLUB X ........................... 2

THE X started well with Greg But­ler, Glen Kitchen 100 and Gethin King hold­ing throw over Viv Mor­gan 120, Ian Thomas and Terry Mor­gan but the scores were soon level with Brian Roberts 140, Mark Hul­bert and Tim Charleston beat­ing Mike O’Neill, Char­lie Davies and Dai James.

Brian Roberts 174 and Terry Mor­gan 100 pro­duced the first break of the match with vic­tory over Mike O’Neill and Char­lie Davies in the first pairs putting the home side 2-1 ahead which then be­came 3-1 with Viv Mor­gan and An­drew Mor­gan 100 hold­ing over Greg But­ler 2x100 and Glen Kitchen in a hard fought game. The fi­nal pairs leg saw a sec­ond break with Ian Thomas and Hy­wel Llewellyn beat­ing Gethin King and Dai James for a 4-1 home lead go­ing into the sin­gles match-ups.

Viv Mor­gan 100, 140, 85 out took the first sin­gles with a 2-0 hold over Glen Kitchen 123, 2x140 push­ing the hosts fur­ther ahead and then they held a 6-1 lead with the Hy­wel Llewellyn 100, 125, 140 mak­ing a stun­ning A side de­but with a 2-0 break over Greg But­ler 4x100 in a great game. Ian Thomas 4x100, 101, 72 out was in great form with a 2-1 hold over Gethin King 140 as the home side ex­tended their lead with Tim Charleston 100, 125 break­ing Dai James 100 (2-0) for a 8-1 lead. Char­lie Davies 2x100 earned the visitors a sec­ond point with a 2-0 break over Mark Hul­bert 100 but the last word went to the home side with Brian Roberts 100, 60 out break­ing Mike O’Neill (2-0) to com­plete a fine 9-2 home win.

LORD RAGLAN ............. 3 ROSE & CROWN ............ 8

THE Lord con­tinue to bat­tle hard in the sec­ond divi­sion but still find it a big chal­lenge as they try to adapt to life in the higher leagues.

Karl Hunt, Mike Matthews and Kiron Meek got the hosts off to a great start with an early break over Liam Rus­sell, Robert Phelps and Paul O’Dell but their joy was short lived with Kris­tian Dowd, Kevin Mor­gan and John Wood 100 break­ing back over Mike McLough­lin, Lance Thomas and Brian Meek 100 for a level game.

Liam Rus­sell 100 and Kris­tian Dowd 2x100 had the first hold of the match with vic­tory over Lance Thomas and Mike McLough­lin but back came the Lord with Kiron Meek and Brian Meek 2x140 hold­ing over Phil John and Trevor Williams for a level game. The fi­nal pairs went the way of the Rose with Kevin Mor­gan and Steve Evans 100 hold­ing over Mike Matthews and Karl Hunt giv­ing the visitors a 3-2 lead go­ing into the sin­gles bat­tles.

Liam Rus­sell 100, 105 edged the away side fur­ther ahead with a win over Karl Hunt against the throw and then a hold from Paul O’Dell 3x100 over Mike McLough­lin 100, 121 (2-0) made it 5-2. Kris­tian Dowd 2x100 beat Kiron Meek 100, 104 putting an­other point in the Rose gar­den be­fore a splen­did game saw Brian Meek 140, 180 beat Robert Phelps 2x100, 140, 180 with a 2-1 break to pull a third point back for the home side. Vet­eran John Wood 2x100, 125 beat Lance Thomas 100 with a break putting the Rose 7-3 ahead with Phil John 121 then com­plet­ing the win with a 2-0 hold over Mike Matthews 100.

GUEST KEEN BOWLS CLUB B ........................... 4 MERTHYR CON­SER­VA­TIVE CLUB 7

JONATHON Davies 100, Ron Phillips 100 and C Thomas put the Con into an early lead with a hold over Mark Ben­bow, Mark Vir­gin 100 and Robert Pow­ell and then a break from Colin Lloyd 2x100, John Hul­bert and Ge­off Jack­son 140 over Tony Pol­lard, Wayne Robin­son and Dai Spencer saw the away side go 2-0 ahead.

Jonathon Davies and M Hughes 100 held throw in the first pairs over Dai Spencer and Robert Pow­ell mak­ing it 3-0 be­fore Tony Pol­lard and Wayne Robin­son 100 beat Chris Stans­field and Ed­die Cun­ning­ton pulling a point back for the hosts. Mark Ben­bow and Mark Vir­gin 100 then cut the deficit to a sin­gle point go­ing into the sin­gles with a break over C Thomas 3x100 and Chris Price in the fi­nal pairs leg.

C Thomas 100, 2x140 broke Mark Ben­bow 2x100 (2-0) putting the Con 4-2 ahead which then be­came 5-2 with Jonathon Davies 100, 120 hold­ing 2-0 over Mark Vir­gin 100, 140. Robert Pow­ell 100 pulled a point back for the Guest beat­ing M Hughes 120, 121, 123, with a 2-0 hold but back came the Con with Chris Price 3x100, 116, 140 beat­ing Tony Pol­lard 2x100, 121 with a 2-0 hold. Dai Spencer 100 put a third point on the board for the hosts beat­ing Chris Stans­field 139, 140 be­fore Ed­die Cun­ning­ton sealed the win with a 2-0 hold over Wayne Robin­son 120.

WHITE HORSE .............. 4 PENTREBACH LABOUR CLUB ............................... 7

ED­DIE Jones, M Price and Gareth Jones put the visitors ahead with a hold over John Thomas 100, Phil Mar­tin and Roy Evans and soon 2-0 ap­peared on the mark­ing board with Gwyn Jones, Gary Cham­pion and Josh O’Keefe break­ing the throw of Steve Hamer, Trevor Jones and Gary Price.

Gary Cham­pion 106 and Josh O’Keefe ex­tended the lead with a hold over Wayne Mor­gan 100 and Sean Price and the points kept on pil­ing up for the away side with Gwyn Jones and Gra­ham Price break­ing Steve Hamer and Chris Price 100 apiece and Ed­die Jones and M Price 140 hold­ing over John Thomas 100 and Roy Evans for a five-zip lead head­ing into the sin­gles.

Rock­ing Roy Evans 3x100 beat M Price 135 with a 2-0 hold to get the Horse up and run­ning but the visitors were quick to re­turn to the at­tack with Gwyn Jones hold­ing 2-1 over Gary Price. John Thomas 3x100, 140 held throw 2-0 over Ed­die Jones 100 grab­bing a sec­ond point for the Horse with Wayne Mor­gan 2x100, 125 then adding a third with a fine break over Josh O’Keefe, Sean Price 100 beat old head Gary Cham­pion 140 with a hold for a fourth home point be­fore Gra­ham Price 123 beat Steve Hamer 100, 121 to com­plete the away side’s fine win.


THE Dag­gers were sharp here get­ting straight to the point with Nicky Bald­win, Robert Lloyd and Kerry Lloyd break­ing the darts of H Lawrence 100, Owain Locke and Owain Williams for an early lead and this they then dou­bled with Mike Ter­rett 100, Steve Llewellyn and D Thomas 100 hold­ing over Mar­tyn Jones, R Davies and P Beck for a 2-0 lead go­ing into the pairs.

P Beck and G Williams 126 got the Cwtch into the game with a hold in the first pairs over Nicky Bald­win and S Sul­li­van and then a fine ef­fort from M Lawrence and Owain Locke saw them break Mike Grif­fiths 100 and D Thomas to level the match at two apiece as the sides ap­proached the fi­nal pairs leg. Steve Llewellyn and Mike Ter­rett 100, 121 broke the throw of R Davies and Mar­tyn Jones to earn the hosts a 3-2 lead head­ing into the vi­tal sin­gles matches.

Mike Ter­rett held his darts over M Lawrence nudg­ing the Dag­gers 4-2 ahead which then be­came 5-2 with Nicky Bald­win break­ing P Beck. Steve Llewellyn 100 held throw over Owain Locke putting the home side 6-2 ahead with R Davies then pulling a point back for the away side with a fine hold over Mike Grif­fiths. The last two points went the way of the home side with wins for S Sul­li­van and Robert Lloyd over Mar­tyn Jones and G Williams 100 re­spec­tively.

RED LION ....................... 4 PARK VIEW ................... 7

AN­DREW Williams, Ja­son Scan­lon and Bryn Williams 110 got the Park up and run­ning with a suc­cess­ful hold over Ian Davies 125, Jake Howard and David Richards and a break from Ian Laing, Ian Goode 100 and Richard Ben­nett over Paul Scot­tThomas 100, Aaron Howard and Richard Howard saw the away side go 2-0 ahead.

Aaron Howard and Jamie Cham­ber­lain got the home side into the game tak­ing the first pairs against the darts beat­ing Ricky Cross 100, 125 and Josh Moore with a fine break but back came the away side with Ian Goode 100 and Ian Laing beat­ing Jake Howard and Richard Howard to make it 3-1 in the Park’s favour. Allen Moore and Richard Cham­ber­lain 100 then put a sec­ond point on the board for the home side with a break over Ja­son Scan­lon 100 and Bryn Williams to leave them trail­ing by just one point go­ing into the sin­gles.

Allen Moore beat Ian Goode with a hold to square the con­test at three apiece with Ian Laing 100 then hold­ing over Jamie Cham­ber­lain 105 to put the away side back ahead. An­drew Williams broke Richard Cala­hane putting the visitors 5-3 ahead which then be­came 6-3 with Ke­iron Pike 2x100 hold­ing throw over Dai Richards 2x100 in a great game. Ian Davies held over Richard Ben­nett for a fourth home point be­fore Ricky Cross held over Paul Scott-Thomas 100 to com­plete the Park’s splen­did win.

IM­PE­RIAL HO­TEL ........ 6 VNU ................................ 5

AN­THONY Prosser 121, Paul Prosser and Adrian Williams took the first point for the Imp with a break of throw over Mark Hadley, Gareth Jenk­ins and Ken­drick Howe 100 but the lead was brief as Clive Pow­ell, Rhi­an­non Jenk­ins and Steve Dar­low broke back over Wayne James, Chris Llewellyn and Alan Han­cox to level go­ing into the pairs.

Wayne James 125 and Chris Llewellyn 100 took the first pairs for the home side with a break over Tracey Goode and S Jones for a 2-1 home lead which then be­came 3-1 with An­thony Prosser and younger brother Paul hold­ing over Gareth Jenk­ins 105, 120 and Mark Hadley. Clive Pow­ell and Rhi­an­non Jenk­ins then pulled a point back for the VNU with a hold over Adrian Williams and Alan Han­cox to trail by a point go­ing into the sin­gles.

Tracey Goode broke the throw of An­thony Prosser to make it 3-3 with Steve Dar­low 100 then hold­ing over Adrian Williams to put the away side 4-3 ahead. Wayne James edged past S Jones 100 to square at 4-4 be­fore Terry Dow­man beat Ken­drick Howe 100 putting the hosts 5-4 ahead, Chris Llewellyn 100 beat Clive Pow­ell mak­ing it 6-4 to the hosts with Gareth Jenk­ins then tak­ing the last leg for the VNU with a good hold over Paul Prosser. Week Four re­ports – page 8

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