‘Peo­ple’s lives are all a bit messy...’

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“But that’s what I think good Bri­tish drama does. When it’s writ­ten as bril­liantly as the stuff that Kay writes, It’s hold­ing up a mir­ror to so­ci­ety and hope­fully peo­ple can tap into that.”

Jensen praises Mel­lor for scratch­ing be­neath the sur­face when it comes to peo­ple and their pas­sions, stat­ing “there’s no bad­dies and no good­ies, it’s just about truth”.

“It’s very per­ti­nent to the world we live in, with peo­ple from dif­fer­ent cul­tures, trans­gen­der, fam­i­lies on sec­ond mar­riages and fam­i­lies with stepchil­dren,” she says.

“In some ways it’s all quite messy, ev­ery­thing’s quite messy, but peo­ple’s lives are all a lit­tle bit messy. I think that ev­ery­body as­pires to per­fec­tion but if we all ac­tu­ally dig a bit deeper, ev­ery­body is floun­der­ing a lit­tle bit.”

As an ac­tress, Jensen is com­mit­ted to her craft. When learn­ing her “fair few” lines for Love Lies & Records, for in­stance, she con­fesses to “liv­ing like a nun”.

“I would lit­er­ally go home, have my lit­tle bowl of soup, read my lines and then put my lines un­der the pil­low think­ing they would go in by os­mo­sis,” she says, with a laugh.

Prais­ing the regis­trars she met in prepa­ra­tion for the part, she says: “I sup­pose, like Kate, I would get very much in­volved with ev­ery­body’s story [if I did her job].

“To be hon­est, I’m kind of ex­hausted. At the end of the week I’d feel ab­so­lutely spent, I felt as if I’d been through the wringer with all these peo­ple’s jour­neys. It’s quite emo­tional and a lot of it is quite high­oc­tane stuff.”

When it comes to her ca­reer, Jensen is clear she doesn’t have an agenda.

“I have never had a plan,” she told the Tele­graph last year. “I don’t even know what I am do­ing to­mor­row. I don’t worry about the fu­ture. They will al­ways need some­one to play the old ladies with wrin­kles!”

Love, Lies & Records starts on BBC One on Thurs­day, Novem­ber 16.

From left, Anna (Rochenda San­dall), Rick (Kenny Doughty), Judy (Re­becca Front), Kate (Ash­ley Jensen), Jamie (Mark Stan­ley) and Talia (Mandip Gill)

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