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One lunchtime I was with Jen­nifer Saun­ders and the play­wright Mary Agnes Donoghue when Brad Pitt walked in. He was hav­ing lunch with the di­rec­tor Terry Gil­liam, who I know. I faked a trip to the loo, and wrote a note to Terry which read: ‘Make Brad kiss me as if he adores me, or I’ll kill your fam­ily. Fact. Love, Dawn.’

An hour later I found Brad Pitt’s lips on mine. He said some­thing like, ‘Hey Dawn, great to see you, God you look gor­geous.’ Then he waved and was gone. I turned back to Jen­nifer and Mary Agnes to find their jaws on the floor. As were the jaws of most of the din­ers.


I had worked with Lau­ren Ba­call so Jude [Law, her for­mer hus­band, pic­tured right with Sadie] and I in­vited her to din­ner at The Ivy. Smok­ing had by this time been banned but it didn’t bother Ms Ba­call who lit up a Marl­boro Light

with­out miss­ing a beat. Soon a ner­vous waiter was po­litely ask­ing Ms Ba­call to put out her cig­a­rette. ‘F*** off,’ she replied. He did. And who would ar­gue with her? So she sat smok­ing and telling us sto­ries about Humphrey Bog­art while Jude and I sat hooked on her ev­ery word.

But as she started talk­ing about her sec­ond hus­band Ja­son Ro­bards, she took a huge drag on her cig­a­rette and looked at us. ‘Ja­son?’ she said in her husky voice. ‘Now he was a real man.’


Early on in my ca­reer, I spot­ted my

child­hood hero Sir Roger Moore at a nearby ta­ble, and the late Sir David Frost, who I knew, in­tro­duced us. Sir Roger in­vited me to join him and his wife for a drink and it turned out he was a fan of Lit­tle Bri­tain. As he left he ap­proached my ta­ble and quoted one of my catch­phrases back to me. ‘I’m a lady!’ said Sir Roger. It was all the more hi­lar­i­ous as he de­liv­ered it in his dead­pan style.


When I was work­ing in TV I took Sa­man­tha Fox, the for­mer Page 3 model, to The Ivy for din­ner. As we sat down I no­ticed a very el­e­gant woman at a nearby ta­ble scrab­bling to get out of her seat for a gawp. It was Princess Mar­garet. There she was in a twin­set and pearls, peer­ing around a pil­lar to look at Sa­man­tha Fox. The Ivy is a true mer­i­toc­racy.

Brad Pitt out­side The Ivy with Gwyneth Pal­trow

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