Killer mum. Dead brother. Baby scan­dal. No won­der Em­merdale’s Pete is suf­fer­ing, says Anthony Quin­lan

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Em­merdale’s res­i­dents are reel­ing from last week’s dis­as­ter, and none more so than poor Pete Bar­ton. His mother killed his brother be­fore plung­ing to her death, he dis­cov­ered she’d pre­vi­ously killed his dad – and to top it off he could be the fa­ther of his aunt Moira’s baby.

‘It’s an un­der­state­ment to say this is a tough time for Pete,’ says Anthony Quin­lan, who plays him. ‘His mum and brother are dead, he may have a new baby with his un­cle John’s widow and he’s found out what his mum was re­ally like. It’s been bomb­shell af­ter bomb­shell, and he’s in pieces.’ But Pete’s trou­bles won’t stop there, says Anthony. ‘There’s al­ways drama in Em­merdale – and a lot more to come.’

View­ers last week saw the vil­lage plunged into chaos as Pete’s mum Emma helped save her preg­nant neme­sis Moira from a fire in a barn, then ac­ci­den­tally shot dead her son Finn be­fore fall­ing to her death from a bridge (mir­ror­ing the way she killed her hus­band James – by push­ing him from an over­pass).

‘Pete can’t re­ally come to terms with it all,’ says Anthony. ‘It’s his mum, so he’s nat­u­rally gut­ted she’s gone, but given what she’s done, per­haps he thinks Em­merdale would be a bet­ter place with­out her. He’s in de­nial, smart­ing from the shame it brings on the fam­ily, as well as be­ing dis­traught at the loss of his brother.’

Yet Pete has to be strong for the sake of the baby. Anthony, who joined Em­merdale in 2013, says, ‘Ini­tially he’s over­come with shock, and doesn’t want any­thing to do with the baby. But then he thinks, “This is my child, I’ve got to do the right thing”, and he does step up to the plate.’

But the baby’s pa­ter­nity hasn’t been con­firmed, re­veals Anthony. ‘There’s

a test com­ing to see whether he’s Pete or Cain’s son, be­cause Moira slept with them both last Christ­mas. So this sto­ry­line will run and run.’

Not only has it been an emo­tional roller­coaster for Pete, it’s been tough on Anthony too. ‘It’s been drain­ing,’ he ad­mits. ‘But the show’s fly­ing, and it’s so ex­cit­ing to film. I’ve been full of adren­a­line and lov­ing it.’

Even so, he’s sad to be say­ing good­bye to Gil­lian Kear­ney and Joe Gill, who played Emma and Finn. ‘Joe and I came in at the same time,

and he’s a top lad who’s go­ing to be missed, while Gil­lian’s be­come like a sec­ond mum to me. It’s sad, but the show must go on.’

Could Pete fol­low them out of the show? ‘There’s al­ways that pos­si­bil­ity,’ ad­mits Anthony. ‘I’ve got to hope the writ­ers make Pete more a part of vil­lage life. While I love be­ing here and don’t want to go any­where soon, if your time’s up, there’s not much you can do. But I do think there are a few more sur­prises to come for Pete.’

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