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The Un­be­liev­able Truth

12.04PM, RA­DIO 4

David Mitchell presents the first show in this re­peated com­edy se­ries that asks con­tes­tants to talk with de­lib­er­ate in­ac­cu­racy on a num­ber of sub­jects. At some point, pan­el­lists must slip a truth­ful state­ment into their comic mono­logue, mak­ing it sound so out­ra­geous that no one could pos­si­bly take it for the truth. On to­day’s show, Richard Os­man, Arthur Smith, Lou Sanders and

Phil Wang talk about dol­phins, cows and Arnold Sch­warzeneg­ger.

Ra­dio 3 Lunchtime Con­cert

1.02PM, RA­DIO 3

El­iz­a­beth I loved to dance the volta. It was a sexy dance, with thigh-toth­igh con­tact and lifts that in­volved the man get­ting a firm grasp on his part­ner’s corset. The lutenist Paul O’Dette in­cludes this lively mea­sure in a con­cert of English dance mu­sic from Wig­more Hall. Some charm­ing jigs, pa­vans and Lau­ren Lav­erne (4.30pm, Ra­dio 4) gal­liards by John­son, Dow­land and Bacheler are also on the bill.

World Book Club


Failed in Lon­don, try Hong Kong. This old phrase, ab­bre­vi­ated to Filth, stuck to many ex-pats who went to seek their for­tunes in the for­mer Bri­tish colony. Jane Gar­dam’s book Old Filth tells the story of Ed­ward Feath­ers who, af­ter years work­ing abroad, finds life in his sup­posed home­land for­eign and con­fus­ing. To­day, Jane will be tak­ing calls from read­ers about her novel.

Dads And Daugh­ters

4.30PM, RA­DIO 4

Lau­ren Lav­erne and dad Les talk about fic­tional and real-life re­la­tion­ships be­tween fa­thers and daugh­ters. Les, who used to be a so­ci­ol­ogy lec­turer, was happy to turn up at gigs and act as Lau­ren’s roadie when she was tour­ing with the likes of The Ra­mones. Les and Lau­ren talk about their fam­ily life in Sun­der­land, then look at ide­alised fa­ther-daugh­ter fic­tional re­la­tion­ships, as de­picted in

To Kill A Mock­ing­bird, as well as King Lear-style dys­func­tional ones.

Moira Stu­art

11PM, RA­DIO 2

Moira fea­tures the peer­less Ella Fitzger­ald singing hits from The Johnny Mercer Song­book, in­clud­ing Mid­night Sun and Laura. SJ

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