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Love your squash but don’t have the space to let it spread? Monty has the so­lu­tion – grow it ver­ti­cally!

QThe fruit on my fouryear-old pear trees are fully formed and look beau­ti­ful but they’re rock hard. How can I get them to ripen?

APears never ripen prop­erly on the tree so have to be picked when still hard and then al­lowed to ripen – some­where sunny and warm is best. They should be har­vested when they’ll come away from the branch if gen­tly lifted.

QI brush and mow my lawn – which is mostly damp – twice a week to try to elim­i­nate weeds. But worm casts still spoil it. What can I do?

AWorm casts are a nui­sance to lawn own­ers at this time of year. Usu­ally, you brush them back across the lawn and they’re re­cy­cled back down into the soil. How­ever if it is too wet, they can’t be brushed. So move your lawn to a sunny spot or learn to love the worms!

QI have lots of small dome­shaped brown mush­rooms on my lawn. I’ve tried dig­ging them out but they keep re­turn­ing. What can I do?

ANoth­ing! All grass is host to thou­sands of dif­fer­ent fungi – there’ll be even more if it’s damp – and with­out them your grass would die. The mush­rooms may in­di­cate the pres­ence of de­cay­ing roots of a tree that grew on that spot.

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