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Of all the peo­ple you’d seek ad­vice from re­gard­ing the run­ning of your life, surely Jean would be right down there on a par with ask­ing Snow White to find you a date with a guy over six feet. But Jean is re­as­sur­ing as Hay­ley (pic­tured right, with Jean) strug­gles with her new par­ent­ing role. Wor­ried about Hay­ley’s drink­ing, Jean quizzes her and thinks she’s worked out who the fa­ther is. Is she right, and will she catch a hun­gover Hay­ley at a vul­ner­a­ble mo­ment and have her sus­pi­cions con­firmed? A cri­sis looms when Jean and Kat dis­cover Hay­ley sit­ting on the ledge of a tower block bal­cony. You see? That’s what hap­pens when you ask Jean for ad­vice.

Sharon is her usu­ally con­trary self and con­tin­ues to give Keanu the runaround (I sus­pect only elec­tro­con­vul­sive ther­apy will stir him into any­thing re­motely re­sem­bling hu­man life). She ends things with him (again – yawn) when text mes­sages re­veal some­body knows their secret and has the ev­i­dence to prove it (hmm, that would be Sharon’s inim­itable way of de­liv­er­ing secret in­for­ma­tion as if she were giv­ing the Get­tys­burg Address).

The high­light of the week is the re­turn of Dr Legg, the lo­cal medic who re­tired in 1997. Not that you’d have known it. He used to dis­ap­pear for so many months at a time, you’d be for­given for think­ing he’d... well, Legged it. Now he’s back to give Dot health ad­vice, but he has shock­ing news of his own. He’s alive – that’s as much shock as we can take for now.

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