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Those twin­kling eyes are one of Princess Char­lotte’s defin­ing fea­tures — but her baby blues may not stay that way for long.

‘Many ba­bies will have blue eyes in their first months be­fore the iris – the coloured part of the eye — is fully pig­mented,’ ex­plains Dr Chicot.

‘We can ex­pect lots of changes in the next three months as melanin — a nat­u­ral pig­ment re­spon­si­ble for colour — builds up in her iris and her eye colour set­tles. We will need to wait un­til her first birth­day to re­ally know what colour eyes the princess will have.’

This is be­cause ba­bies are born with lit­tle or no melanin, giv­ing them pale skin and fea­tures. As they grow, the melanin nat­u­rally in­creases, colour­ing their eyes and hair.

The fi­nal hue doesn’t just de­pend on her par­ents’ eyes, Dr Chicot adds. Though the Duchess’s eyes are hazel/green and Prince Wil­liam’s are blue, Char­lotte’s could be any­where in be­tween.

Brother Ge­orge has brown eyes, while the Queen and Prince Philip both have blue eyes, Ca­role Mid­dle­ton’s are hazel and Michael Mid­dle­ton’s are green.

‘eye colour de­pends on sev­eral genes; it’s not a sim­ple dom­i­nant trait,’ says Dr Chicot. ‘This means Char­lotte could go on to de­velop blue, green, hazel or brown eyes.’

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