Why you need to be more fem­i­nine

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RUSH­ING women put a huge strain on their adrenal glands to keep pump­ing out the stress hor­mones they need to keep go­ing, but you can off­set the mas­cu­line in­flu­ence of your body’s chem­i­cals by mak­ing a con­scious ef­fort to bring more fem­i­nine rit­u­als into your life.

If your work re­quires you to be ‘mas­cu­line’, do it, but try

bring­ing com­pas­sion into your heart and soften your gaze. Think of ‘cre­at­ing’ in­stead of ‘pro­duc­ing’. Just that shift in lan­guage is more fem­i­nine and could be help­ful.

When you get home, make the ef­fort to shift out of work mode and into home mode. Change your clothes. Light a can­dle and no­tice the scent. Dance around your house to mu­sic that lights you up.

Later in the evening, have a bath with aro­matic oils. Make a pot of herbal tea in your favourite teapot and think of this as a ‘spe­cial oc­ca­sion’.

No­tice the de­sign of the pot and cup, the tea’s fra­grance, and how you feel tak­ing care of your­self.

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