Magic wand that trims your tum

He­lena hated her stick­ing-out stom­ach all her life — un­til she found the...

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us­ing se­lec­tive and fo­cused heat­ing on par­tic­u­lar ar­eas. She’s a bit like an artist, but in­stead of a paint­brush she has the fat-melt­ing ma­chine, which she ma­noeu­vres around my stom­ach, cre­at­ing the shape that I want. ‘I love the fact that it multi-tasks,’ says Louisa. ‘It is ton­ing, slim­ming and tight­en­ing all at the same time.’ She be­lieves the re­sults are just as good as hav­ing li­po­suc­tion — ‘ but with­out the ex­pense, the down­time and the in­va­sive pro­ce­dure.’

I can con­firm there is no down­time. Af­ter a 50-minute treat­ment, my stom­ach is slightly red, but it calms down within an hour or so. In fact, the whole pro­ce­dure is pretty pain­less. Im­me­di­ately af­ter the first treat­ment I can see an im­prove­ment — my stom­ach al­ready looks slightly flat­ter — but it’s af­ter the third and fourth treat­ments that I re­ally start to see the ef­fects of Louisa’s sculpt­ing.

There is a slight V line, like a bikini model might have, go­ing down my stom­ach.

I ask Louisa about any pos­si­ble side- ef­fects. ‘It’s 100 per cent safe,’ she says. ‘It has white pa­per ap­proval, which means there are no side- ef­fects and noth­ing can pos­si­bly go wrong.’

The white pa­per car­ries ap­proval from the U. S. gov­ern­ment health author­ity and means that the treat­ment has un­der­gone some rig­or­ous safety tests.

AF­TER my sixth ses­sion, my hus­band tells me that my stom­ach is ‘ as flat as he’s ever seen it’. I tell Louisa, who is thrilled. ‘My grand­mother al­ways used to say, “When you look good, you feel good, dar­ling” — and, hav­ing stud­ied psy­chol­ogy, I agree with her.

‘My mis­sion is to make peo­ple look good, so they feel bet­ter — whether this is by re­vers­ing the signs of age­ing or fat melt­ing or what­ever it takes.’

What she par­tic­u­larly likes about this ma­chine is the im­me­di­ate re­sults. ‘ It re­ally is a bit like hav­ing a magic wand,’ she says.

Af­ter four weeks and eight ses­sions, I am very happy. My waist mea­sures 29.5 inches — a loss of 3in — and my most hated fea­ture is a thing of the past. for the first time in years, I am go­ing to wear a bikini this sum­mer.

And I’m de­ter­mined to fol­low Louisa’s ad­vice on how to main­tain my new look — avoid salt (it causes wa­ter re­ten­tion around your stom­ach) and cut back on al­co­hol and carbs.

I ask her if the ef­fects last for ever. ‘Yes, as long as you don’t go putting on in­or­di­nate amounts of weight,’ she says. ‘And if you could come back for a cou­ple of treat­ments a year to main­tain it, that would be ideal.’

If it keeps my stom­ach flat, I’ll be there.

Sculpt­ing: He­lena un­der­go­ing treat­ment

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